Biotherm Skin products

  1. I'm kind of sick of searching for a face wash that will work on me. I don't have horrible acne, black heads, or big pores - but I do have the few blemeshes here and there and at times very dry to even oily skin.

    I can't seem to find something that will help me balance it. Some products will up my acne and I will break out like crazy, other's would just dry and other's would make my face more oily. Usually it's a tad oilier than normal.

    I am thinking of trying Biotherm, but I need your opinions ladies. I just finished recovering from a bad testing of Estee.

  2. mm. the green line (combination?) from biotherm is really good for mild acne and combo skin (which sounds like what you have... which is also what i have)! i've used it for over two years. i think it's really great quality at a pretty good price. i especially love the toner and masks. i have tried a lot of different skincare lines, like expensive from chanel/la mer to cheap drugstore like neutrogena. i've found the expensive stuff tend to be geared towards older women, overly rich and too much perfume making my skin breakout even more. the cheap drugstore stuff tend to be too harsh and dry out my skin.
  3. Love the Biosource Cleanser,


    Aquasource Nonstop

    Source Therepie

    Have been using these religiously for the past 3 years and all my friends have noticed an improvement in my skin.

    Personally don't care for their masks...they don't do much for me...One of them makes me breakout(the hydration one), so I stayed away from that afterwards.
  4. I was looking through the online stuff and you think that the Biosource and Aquasource is better than the Acnopure for me?

    I'm thinking of just going to London drugs and asking for a small sample of one of their cleansors to just see if it will irritate my skin. Do you think they'll do that?

    Usually I don't ask for samples but considering my last episode on my skin I am rethinking otherwise.
  5. Also another question (sorry)... I know that makeup is just important as your skin cleaning system... have you tried their make up? Specifically foundations? I know that when I use MAC it irritates my skin. Their eyeshadows, blush etc are OK but their actual foundation lines really do me bad. I'm wondering if Biotherm foundation is just as good as what people say about their skin cleansing line.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  6. i've tried their acnopure line as well but it's very harsh and drying. if you have all over oily skin it might be no problem but didn't work well for me. i agree aquasource is about the best moisturizer ever!

    i use their light! foundation everyday and love it. never breaks me out and never too heavy.
  7. Thanks Michelle, does it also stay on and give good coverage?

    I purchased the Biopure yesterday. The lady at the boutique examine my skin and said that I don't neccessarily have oily skin, I just have shine. I apply makeup only in the morning and I don't powder often so she said that it isn't my skin that is giving me the shine it's the make up. Also she said that I don't have bad Acne, I do however have sensitive skin. So, it could be the moisturizor that I put under my make up and/or my make up that is giving me the little blemishes. If I balance my skin a little more and use less harsh make up (Mac seems to be too harsh on me) then I should be fine.

    I have yet to purchase the moisturizer from Biotherm but will be doing that this weekend and probably along with a new foundation. :smile:

  8. Any other products that you can recommend? I hear the toners really don't do much. Or toners in general don't do much.
  9. Hi! Glad to hear i was of help. The Light! foundation is indeed veeery light. It evens out my skintone but I still use concealer for blemishes. It's very natural looking, a lot of my friends don't even know I wear makeup. By the end of the day I'm never greasy like I get with some other foundations. But I also set it with translucent powder.

    I've also used their liquid foundation with somewhat more coverage. That one is excellent and natural looking as well.

    I've tried Hyperreal and Satinfinish from MAC and both of them have a tendency to make my skin breakout and greasy by the end of the day.

    Toners did nothing for me until I started to use them with a cotton pad. I rub it kind of hard all over my face (kind of like a mini exfoliation) and it takes off any dead skin cells (ew - but a cause for break outs) and remaining makeup.

    I also like Biotherm's lipgloss. They're pigmented, sparkly, and non-sticky. They're a lot like my chanel glossimers. And cheaper!

    By the way if you live in the US you automatically get a gift with purchase anytime you buy any two items from Biotherm.

    I should really work for them huh.... :p