1. So I just back from Beauty Brands, they were having a buy one get one free off of biosilk silk therapy shampoo and conditioner. I decided to give it a go, was quite excited bc everyone seems to rave about the products. Well, low and behold I just read some reviews and apparently its awful. It wasn't too much money so im not too concerned about that but I really thought I was getting a deal and now I hear it sucks?!
  2. I used to use it and I don't feel like it did much to my hair..not as much as Bumble and Bumble and Fekkai products. Right now I am using just Fekkai mainly..with some B&B styling products. The only thing I continue to use from Biosilk is the leave in conditioner. The smell is too strong for me, but perfume usually does the job and after you work it into your hair, you can smooth the rest over your hands. It's very moisturizing. I think the leave in conditioner is worth trying out. :tup: HTH!
  3. well at least I didn't pay for both lol. Where do you get your bumble and bumble products from?

    Oh yeah, I started using the Fekkai products as well and i'm a big fan. I got that wave spray you suggested but haven't tried that one yet
  4. Well hope you like the wave spray! Others have liked it, I hope you do too! I get my B&B products online or certain salons that carry it.
  5. I like Biosilk shampoo and especially the conditioner... It makes my hair REALLY soft without weighing it down. I wouldn't pay full price for it, but I do like it a lot :shrugs:
  6. I only use the Biosilk serum, and I use it when my hair is wet. It makes it soft and shiny. A little goes a long way.
  7. I personally HATE Biosilk shampoo and conditioner. I decided to give it a try not too long ago since I LOVE the serum so much, but my hair felt so gross after I used the shampoo and conditioner! I have really thick hair, so maybe it just wasn't good for my hair type?
  8. i love the serum too! my hair feels SO soft after i use it!!
  9. oops, double post
  10. I tried the Biosilk shampoo, and it was okay, nothing to really brag about. It did make my hair smell good, though. Also the Biosilk Silk Therapy works pretty well in keeping your hair soft.
  11. So looks like everyone likes the leave in stuff? I use the silk therapy one. Anyone else?
  12. bumping this thread lol how does everyone also like the silk threapy?
  13. I LOVE the leave in. HATE the shampoo and conditioner.
  14. I always see Biosilk on sale at TJ Max I guess not all their products are great... I always thought they were. I'll have to try the serum!
  15. seconded. i normally use fekkai's glossing shampoo/conditioner and biosilk silk therapy for luscious, glossy, curls.