Bionic Woman

  1. Anyone watch it last week? What did you think?

    I was born post-original Bionic I can't compare to the original...but I LOVED it and can't wait for this week's episode!

    Somehow though I keep picturing Jennifer Garner as being perfect for the role LOL
  2. I LIKE it! I grew up watching Lindsey Wagner on the original and this one is so "hi tech!

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  3. I am also a post-original gal but I LOVED it!! It felt a bit like Alias in the beginning.

    Totally going to watch this one :tup:
  4. They should have called her Bionic "girl".:tdown:
  5. Love this show so far! I remember watching the original as a kid and loving it. So far, this version does not disappoint. Michelle Ryan is doing a good job. And the Jae Kim character is HOT!!! I love government intrigue plots. (there's something a little bit X-Files-ish with this show, which is awesome)

    The only annoying thing is the irritating subplot with the little sister...I totally don't care about their love-hate relationship, I just wanna see the Bionic Woman kick some butt!
  6. I love this show too!
  7. I liked it :smile:
  8. I just watched the first episode online and I love it!
  9. Did anyone watch it last night?

    ****Spoiler if you haven't watched it yet!!!!! Don't read the stuff below!!!****

    The only thing that I wanted to say was how surprised I was that her boyfriend died. I thought that he was going to pull through judging by the end of the last episode.
  10. i think i'm hooked =]
  11. i like this show!