Bio Oil

  1. I've been using Bio Oil for the past 6 months & my stretch marks have lightened up tremendously. I have been working out so have been using it to prevent any new stretch marks from weight loss and it has worked like a charm.
  2. No doubt is is an amazing moisturizer. It didnt do much for my pregnancy stretch marks though. My stretch marks have faded but they naturally fade. I know bio oil really didnt do anything because I applied a couple of the large sized bottles on my stomach as recommended. I did forget about the ones I had on my inner thighs from pregnancy and when comparing both stretch marks on my thighs to my stomach after using bio oil, they had both equally faded. The key to stretch marks is good genes first off. Keeping skin hydrated with lots of water, maybe take some vitamin e and moisturizing will help. Which bio oil is a good moisturizer. But for $20 a bottle its too pricey for me.

    I think its hard to tell if the product actually works or not in terms of stretch marks.. I think many people dont realize, that yes.. after several months your stretch marks WILL not look the same... they all lighten up and turn white. The only way you can tell if its working or not is not using the product on other stretch marks that erupted at the same time.. and then doing a comparison.
  3. I used bio oil on a burn scar on my arm and it worked like a charm. It only took a couple of weeks to fade and after a few months it was completely gone. I don't know how it would have looked without the oil, so obviously can't compare, but I've been a big believer since then and always have a bottle around.
  4. I think just about 80% of all pregnant women I know were slathering this on themselves!
  5. bio oil? at first hear abt it :smile:
  6. Hijo de la luna
  7. I use it on my face for redness & uneven tone. I really like it. I also apply it to my neck & decolletage (sp?) after moisturizer at night. It really helps keep my neck skin looking younger.
  8. Bio oil really does wonders. I used to get reddish dry flakes around my eyes due to reaction to certain makeup and I put bio oil over night the next day it was perfectly back to normal. I also put it around my elbows and knees and when I feel like my face is too dry i put it all over my skin. It leaves is so soft and moist.
  9. i used to have really bad acne and acne scars. bio oil really helped even out my face's skin tone. AND I really love the smell, I was using this other bleach cream before bio oil and it really stunk!
  10. I've been using Bio Oil for 3 years. I apply it on my body and my face. I love it !
  11. how does it compare to strivectin-sd???
  12. I never thought to use on my face - I know it is pretty absorbent on the body, but does it seep into facial skin in a reasonable amount of time?!

    I swear I feel a tiny 'tingle' on my skin after using this - perhaps this is just a placebo sensation of mine thinking "it's working"?!
  13. I guess I'm the odd one out - I didn't notice a thing with it. I also found the smell not to my liking, but good to read others have had better luck.
  14. I've heard amazing things on bio oil. Been wanting to try it.
  15. Ive heard extremely positive things about the bio oil. My sister used it whehn she had her baby and she hardly has anything to show for it.