Bink Frederic T ...simply leather....simply european.... simply affordable bags

  1. i'm not sure if there's already a thread for this but just in case anyone wants to try something simple ...
  2. Umm..
  3. Ick, number 6 is some kind of Hermès Birkin/Chloé Paddington thing...
  4. is this legit????
  5. :nospam:
  6. LOL these aren't really fakes, but pretty heavily inspired. I spot a Noé too.

    And I doubt they're made in Paris, or maybe they're made in the catacombs by child workers from Manilla.:supacool:
  7. yes it is legit. it's based in san diego, ca. they've been in business for four years already and the owner is proud to say they've always made it to the top 10 website for bags. the bags are manufactured in paris, france. they have a phone # where you can ask for more information

  8. they're not 'fakes', none of them bear another designer's logo.
    Some look to be inspired.