Binge eating/overeating?

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  1. Anyone struggle with this? Sometimes I'll just keep throwing back snacks without even being hungry, and I'll do it past the point of fullness.
  2. My sister has struggled with this. Her therapist said it is a legitimate eating disorder and it's an everyday thing for her. I would suggest seeing a therapist to get to the bottom of it. There are most likely reasons why you're binge eating and once you deal with it, it will make it easier.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Does this happen everyday? Sometimes it's easy to get carried away w/the snacks, but just as long as you are healthy, not overweight, not trying to hurt yourself, don't puke it back up, you're ok. I don't do it on purpose but sometimes when i'm studying, or reading a book, i have one hand holding my book and one hand in the bag and before i know it, it's almost all gone. So, most times i just put a good sized portion on a paper plate and much slowly from there. After it's all gone, and if i want some more, i just go drink something fizzy so i'm full or chew on some fennel seeds (they can help stop cravings) so i won't indulge myself and feel sick later on.
  5. I don't do it every day, but maybe a couple of times a month.

  6. I have a problem with this also. Although I have gotten it under control I think. I have lost 35 lbs in the past year and I think I restricted and deprived myself so much that usually at least once a month I will start eating and just can't stop until I make myself sick. Good luck, Im here if you ever want to talk about it more! =)
  7. Couple times a month sounds a-ok to me. Though it's alright for me, do you find it alright for yourself, that's the real question. I actually do it more often than ever and i don't find it to be a problem for me...i'm actually trying to gain weight right now:P though sometimes being sick is not fun. But it'd probably be better for me to regulate how much i eat and just trying to eat more often. Need to cut the empty calories, put some more healthy stuff in my body and go work out, yeah, that's what i need to do:yes:. I mean, in a way i do see it as kind of a problem for myself because based on my faith, i should only eat enough for nourishment purposes and not overeat...but i tend to do this...kinda need to give myself a reality check now:Push:.
  8. I'm trying to lose. LOL. I binged on Friday and Saturday, but today I did really good. I'm done eating for today. I'm drinking an extra bottle of water to completely fill my stomach up.
  9. ^^ YAY!! that's great you drank an extra bottle of water to fill your stomach up. maybe you should consider drinking apple cider vinegar w/your water, i've read that it's a popular way that helps shed the pounds over time! you would want a specific kind though, it's called Braggs and you could get it at GNC :smile:. let me know if you want more information about it :biggrin:.
  10. I have this problem. I do so good with loosing 20 lbs super fast, but then I can't get over that hump. Next thing I know all my clothes that were getting too big are fitting just right again.

    I don't know what the solution for me is. I had some pretty rough few months here a while ago and just when I thought I was done dealing with it, those stresses have found a way back in. So in trying to re-deal and push it all away (AGAIN) I have gone back to eating until I just can't anymore.

    I am doing better! I worked out last night...will again tomorrow. Its just getting in the right mindset again is all!

    Good luck to you, dear!!!
  11. Water is a great way to fill your stomach if you're not actually hungry. Also, exercise is an appetite suppressant, so if you're trying to lose weight make sure you're also incorporating exercise into your plan.

    What does your food plan consist of? How many calories are you eating every day? Make sure you're eating a well-rounded diet and are consuming enough calories every day (some people who diet make the mistake of thinking less is more, but if you're exercising you need to fuel your workouts and make sure you're keeping your metabolism up). I know for myself, I used to binge more often when I tried to go overboard with dieting, but now that I'm focusing on eating healthy foods and don't feel like I'm denying myself (if I want chocolate or whatever, I'll have some, just not go overboard and always track those calories), I no longer binge.
  12. I think a lot of binge eaters 'stuff' their feelings, I found until I got to the core of my binge eating I would yoyo, 10lbs on off on off. I began EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) similiar to acupuncture but without needles! took me 3 sessions.

    It cut to the quick no drama and I am happy to say I no longer binge and the 10lbs has stayed off!
  13. What's EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? Is it some kind of massage technique? How does it work? Thanks.
  14. ^ It's a tapping technique, where you repeatedly tap certain pressure points. Here's an example -

  15. A great tip I got that has been working well for me is that people often mistake thirst for hunger. So when I feel like I want to eat, either out of boredom or a mistaken sense of hunger (i.e. my brain knows better but my stomach wants something), I drink a tall glass of water and wait 15 minutes.