1. I just wanted to ask about the new Millionaires.

    As you may know, I have a HUGE head! like HUGE!!!

    the Bindi's fit me okay.... (ya it's that big)

    How's the fit on the Millionaires? Do they offer good face coverage? Haha.

    Let me know.

  2. Big head would work with them probably, I REALLY wanted them and had them even charge me for the black and purple pairs, I went to pick them up and they looked HIDEOUS on my because of my petite face, so they probably would work on a bigger head. But they are made for men which is probably why they looked bad on me. Go get them!!!!! They are going FASTTTT!
  3. :tup: hey boy!

    i say get the M's before getting the B's. The B's will probably still be sitting on shelves after the M's are all gone, and I'm sure the M's will fit your big head just fine...:graucho: