Bindi Irwin...cutest and sweetest little girl ever!

  1. I was just watching E! News and saw a segment featuring Bindi and her new clothing line...such an amazing girl!

    What a brave little girl!!:tup: I can't even imagine how hard it was for her to lose her father:crybaby:
  2. Aw I know. I've seen her on shows before and she's just so cute.
  3. She's coming out with a clothing line? She sure didn't waste much time. I'm sure she's cute and all, but a clothing line?
  4. The only kind of clothing line I can see her doing is Safari/adventure themed stuff. She is a cute kid but she doesn't seem the type to make a fashion line.
  5. First of all, there should be no need to say anything negative in this thread.
    Didn't waste much time... what!?! I normally would not acknowledge this statement, but I just get tired of negative or nasty posts when they are totally not warranted. Anyway.

    I love the Irwins. I know this may sound corny, but if there is any celebrity that has ever touched me, it is Steve Irwin. I know I'm not alone in this... I loved his spirit, his passion, his compasion.... he was a human being I admired for so many reasons. No one should be surprised or set any limits on what his daughter will do. Bindi was already on a course long before her father died. It is not surprising Bindi is as smart and well rounded as she is with parents like Steve and Terri. That little girl is her fathers daughter for sure and we will continue to hear about her ventures in the many years to come. Thanks OP for posting.

    Passionate people do things and don't need any other reason to do it but that passion.
  6. Perssonally I can be a little cynical at times, so thanks for that reminder!!
  7. Aww I love her. Shes such an awesome little girl. I bet her clothing line will do really well, Im sure lots of other kids watch her show and would love to wear something with her name on it. Kind of like the Olsen twins, except shes better haha.
  8. Bindi has actually had a clothing line for a long time but it was only sold exclusively through the store at Australia Zoo. It is now being branched out for sale in the US because of her new show. Her little brother Bob even has a line of stuff the the zoo too LOL
    In a few days time it will have been a year since Steve died. :sad:
  9. That is a completely unnecessary comment IMO.

    The little girl's father died....we should be happy and thankful that she's adjusted well enough to be productive in her life.
  10. *Sigh* Me too. One of the reasons I joined this forum was because the members seemed so much 'kinder and gentler' than most folks.
  11. Bindi's clothing line is kinda safari themed and I think that all proceeds go to animal/nature conservation groups.

    I just think this little girl (and her whole family) is AMAZING. :smile:

  12. ITA.. some kids get really streest out and depressed with a parent death and sometimes they do "bad" or "anormal" things. I am more than happy that this is not the case, not because she is Irwin's daughter or because she is cute, smart whatever, it is because she is a little girl that has the right to be happy, happy, happy and happy. Nobody should be sorry for her, whe should feel proud of her, it doesnt matter if her dad died a year of ten years ago. Life doesnt stop, sad but true, when you loose a family member, you have to keep going for your own sanity KWIM?
  13. She is adorable, I cried so hard when she talked about her father and good for her at least she's "moving on".
  14. It's been a year
  15. Well, I certainly didn't mean to ruffle any feathers by my comment. I have nothing against this little girl, but it seems out of line for her to have a clothing line. She's not known for her fashion me it seemed like she's trying to cash in on her name....and she's just a child, so of course this fashion line idea would have come from someone much older.

    If she already had some clothing that sold, fine. I did not know that. But just based on what I read here, I found it odd for her to do such a thing. I too liked Steve Irwin, I'm sure his family is quite nice. I simply stated my opinion, sorry you didn't like it.