1. I'm new to selling on eBay so bear with me. I had a person buy from me using the buy it now option. On my eBay page it is saying that the bag is sold and awaiting payment. I thought that you had to pay immediately with BIN.:confused1: Does anyone know of a reason that could be causing the delay? Also, if a person uses Paypal to pay for an item how much time passes before the monies show in your account?

  2. If you don't check the option for the seller to have to pay immediately when you create your listing, then the buyer does not have to pay immediately. Next time, if you want this, check the box under the buy-it-now price for requiring immediate payment and it should then happen concurrently.
  3. Oh...okay! Well now I know! For some reason I thought it was an automatic thing. Thanks!
  4. no, dont worry, I am sure they will pay you soon :smile: Well done on the start of your sales :biggrin:
  5. Thanks! :smile: I'm so scared of eBay...but I had to clean out my closet and get rid of some stuff that I can't fit anymore or just don't wear anymore. If I can't get rid of it on there I'll just take it to a consignment shop.
  6. If you're reluctant to sell on your own, I think there are legit sellers who will sell your bags or you. Not like one of those stores that you take your things to (which may work, I just have never used those), but sellers who specialize in bags and have built a reputation so they can sell for others (for a fee, I'm sure).