BIN too high?!

  1. I have a bag listed right now on eBay that retailed for $1275 plus tax. It's been barely used and in prestine condition- not to mention it's sold out and discontinued. I have a BIN of $1000 ( which I think is a fair price) and I just had a potential buyer ask me if I would consider $500- when I politely turned her offer down and explained the aforementioned reasons she wrote me back saying how she really loved the bag but thought my BIN was "really too high for the bag"???? That really irks me- what do you reply to that? Sorry for the vent but it makes me so mad when people try to low ball you and get something for nothing. :crybaby:
  2. Plus I just looked and she has ZERO feedback!! getouttahere!
  3. Just ignore her--there are lots of people out there on eBay to give you unsolicited "educations" on your prices, policies, propriety of making a profit, etc. Too much effort to respond to them.
  4. Yep. Lots of bidders think sellers mark up there prices like 2.5 times. So they send some ridiculous offers.

    I usually have my bags set so the lowest I clear after all fees is $20. but that is really low for a seller. I do think some sellers mark up stuff really high.
  5. You're the seller, you can set the BIN at whatever price you want and if she doesn't agree with it, then that's her choice (and she should walk away). Personally I don't think your BIN price is too high. If you feel you must respond to her, I'd just say something to the effect of, I'm sorry you don't agree with the BIN price, good luck with the auction! (Meanwhile in my head I'd be thinking YEAH RIGHT, see ya!!!)
  6. Don't stress about it. Some people just have wayyy too much time on their hands. :push:

    Honestly, I come across lots of items with unrealistic BIN prices. How hard is it just to close the window and move on?
  7. A lot of times buyers are just looking to get a good deal, or at least thats the impression I got when I first started selling a short time ago. I've had some super lowball offers which would have made it not even worth it for me to sell the item in the first place. Get the price you want! Even if you have to wait for someone else to come along :smile:
  8. Rise above it, keep your cool and don't take the bait - easy to say I know and harder to do, but undoubtedly the right approach - don't waste time and energy on a pointless dialogue - a lesson hard learned by me!
  9. I agree with with alot of the other girls have said, but as a regular Buyer and Seller myself, its not a bad thing that she said your 'Buy It Now' is too high - Its a opinion and if she said it in a 'Respectful and Friendly' way then everyone has a right to express a opinion.

    Everyone knows there is a difference between a 'New' and 'Used' item, even if its only used once its still used, so she gave her opinion.

    Maybe she REALLY wanted it and it was just out her reach??? Is Negotiation bad? Well, in my years on eBay, I have negotiated with many sellers aqnd inturn had amazing, amazing Ebay purchasing experiences.

    In my opinion, its not worth getting 'Personal' when your selling something, I sell and buyers can be annoying and rude, but if you rise above that and explain to her the same thing you have explained above then who knows, she may like your sincerety so much she may do the BIN, if not she will always come back to you....

    Just my 2-Pence!
  10. Your BIN is not too high. She just can't afford the item. I wouldn't respond.
  11. thanks eveyone! i did reply with a short and sweet thanks, sorry you feel that way and good luck.

    i have a lower starting price than the BIN so I don't think she wants to pay any kind of fair price for the bag. and it's great she has her opinions but if i sat around and told everyone on ebay who i thought was selling an item for too much or too little- i'd no other time.

    thanks again for all the advice!