BIN stays up after a bid, even with no reserve?

  1. Has there been a change in the way BINs work?? I thought if you had a BIN on your item with no reserve, the first bid would remove the BIN option. If there is a reserve, the BIN option stays in place until the reserve is met. But now I see an item with a BIN and no reserve, and the first bid did not remove the BIN option. Is this new? I think this is the way Yahoo auctions work. Me no likey (from a bidding perspective).
  2. I have had a few BINs placed on eBay recently and it has taken the items down - as it should do. I can't say that l have ever heard of a BIN with a reserve on it after all said if that is what the seller is asking for the goods why would the listing still stay up.
  3. Its a new thing for select categories. I think once the bidding reaches a certain % of the BIN, the BIN dissappears automatically. i.e. The BIN option will be available on an item till the current bid reaches or exceeds 50% of the BIN price.
  4. This is something new they are experimenting with, apparently. There are posts about it somewhere on the eBay boards. It would be nice if they had sent an e-mail announcement, since it confused the heck out of me the first time it happened to one of my auctions.
  5. Huh, interesting. Yeah, I wish they would find some way to systematically let people know what's going on when they make these changes. Maybe it's to encourage sellers to set a lower starting bid? Just means I have to spend longer in suspense I guess. :sad: Thanks for the responses.
  6. LouiseyPeasey: Thank you for asking this question, I have been wondering the same thing lately.

    Everyone else: Thank you for the answer! I always state in my auctions that the "BIN option will disappear once someone places a bid." Lately it hasn't been disappearing like it should, and I felt bad that bidders might think I was just saying that to encourage a quick BIN. At least now I know I'm not going nuts:upsidedown:.
  7. I noticed this too this week and just thought I had lost my mind and it must have always been this way but I still kept scratching my head thinking.. something is not right.
  8. So you pay to list your item at the price you want for it and they let people have the chance to win it for 50% of that amount? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. BIN only for my auctions in future.
  9. ^ What? No, you put your own starting price and your own BIN. Your starting price (or your reserve) should be the minimum you will accept for the item. If your starting price is less than half of your BIN, and someone bids, the BIN option doesn't immediately go away as it used to - it stays in place until the bidding is up to 50% of the BIN. It's BETTER for sellers. Not so much for buyers.
  10. Thanks for starting this thread. I was wondering about this too!
  11. I noticed this too with my new listings..
  12. oh this is great! thanks to the OP for posting and louisey, thanks for the clarification. i'm a little bit slow today and it took me a while to figure out what was being said! lol!
  13. I think its a great idea.:tup: I usually list my handbag auctions with my starting price and a BIN about $100.00 higher. When I get an opening bid and the BIN disappears I wonder if it was worth paying for the BIN in the first place!
  14. But I think it's only effective if the starting price is quite low - like $99 with a BIN of $500, so the BIN option stays in place until the bidding gets up to $250. If you start at $400 with a BIN of $500, the BIN would still disappear as soon as someone bids. Unless I've misunderstood - Litigatrix or mmmpurses, can you confirm?
  15. OK that makes sense, in my mind I'd got reserve and BIN mixed up somehow! Still I don't think that's very good that your BIN disappears leaving people unaware that they can get it now for more. That will just lead to more of those annoying early ended listings in my opinion.