BIN questions

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  1. I listed a pair of Hermes shoes I wore just once on ebay last night. A bidder is asking me for a buy it now price because she says she really wants them. I have 9 people watching, 0 bids so far. Is there any consequence to doing this? Should I still have her pay by PayPal, or is it better to do any method of payment? And what's a fair price to ask? The original price was $680, but I got them on sale for about $400. The shoes were worn once, and they don't have any major flaws except small scratches on the leather soles and the scuff marks on the bottom.
  2. If it were me, I'd do a search on completed items and find a price that is fair/competitive that I'm comfortable with and simply ADD a BIN. Then she can take it or leave it, all terms of sale remain the same.
    Or, often I'll write the Buyer back and say, "what price did you have in mind?" and sometimes haggle a bit and then add a BIN.
  3. & if she doesn't bite, you can always remove the BIN as long as there are no bids and the auction has more than 12 hr to go.
  4. You'll probably find the buyer is after a bargain. Do as has been suggested and see what the average price is and add that as a BIN if you are comfortable accepting that price
  5. You can e-mail her and say "I added the BIN". I will leave it up there for you for 12 hr or whatever.

    Just remember that adding a BIN adds a fee.
  6. Hi , normally when people ask for buy it nows ( if you haven't got one listed ) its a waste of time , unless they are buyers you know , they are looking for a bargain and try it on . If you have 9 watchers in a short time i would be wary about under sellling them , the price check search( as somebody has suggested ) is brilliant way of getting a price .
  7. IMO, 9 watchers means nothing. I used to have auctions when I had 40+ watchers and no bids in the end.
  8. I agree with H-Addict. I routinely have 8-12 watchers, none of whom actually bid. If I were you, I'd put a BIN number that is a bit higher than you expect. If she wants the shoes that badly, she'll bite. If not, she can bid just like everyone else. Let us know how this turns out!
  9. I had a buyer gave me an offer for BIN. I updated my listing but she never bid. I changed it back and end up it was sold higher than what she asked for. So, you never know.

    I have to agree, many buyers nowadays asked for BIN but they never bid. If I put a BIN, I always added "Immediate payment required".
  10. I would totally do a buy it now price for the buyer with Immediate payment required.
  11. I've done this a couple of time and almost always adds BIN-prices in the orginal auctions.