BIN Question?

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  1. Did you ever have someone ask you for a "Buy It Now"...they give you a price and you post it.....then someone else buys it? I had 7 people watching no bids for 5 days. I feel bad :crybaby:.
  2. LOL! That's how it goes sometimes!
    I actually time it for them.
    I tell them what time I'll add it so they get it.
  3. yeah, and you could add on the description that the auction is only for "whoever" and ask no one else to bid/buy
  4. ^^That's what I do. I always add a thing in about that, and I try to make sure I'm online around the same time as the buyer is so by the time I add the option, they can hit BIN before anyone else.
  5. I've not had that happen although I've only been asked a couple of times and during the time I'm making the changes in the auction I'm in contact with the buyer. I feel bad for the person who asked you to BIN. But then snooze, you lose...after's eBay!
  6. I had someone ask me to do a BIN. I said fine, added it, emailed the buyer, and never heard from him again. So after a day I took the BIN off the auction. You never know what people are going to do, I guess.