BIN-How long do you give them to pay??

  1. How long do you give someone to pay on a BIN when it is supposed to be instant payment? I have emailed the person twice and invoiced them, still NOTHING!!!!I could have let it run now I will have to pay to list it again!!Help!!:confused1:
  2. do you mean you have "immediate payment required " on the BIN? doesn't the item stay listed till they pay up anyway?
  3. I'm confused. Do you, or do you not have immediate payment required? If you do, and the item shows as sold in your "my eBay", then you should check PayPal because you probably did get paid and just didn't get the payment notice.

    If you don't have immediate payment required, you should :p unless of course the item is over the $$$ amount eBay will allow for immediate payment. In that case, you have to wait the full 7 days eBay gives them before you can file NPB and get your fees back/relist.
  4. Yes the listing said immediate payment required!! When they pushed the buy it now button they are supposed to pay!! The listing comes off as being sold to the buyer. I have heard nothing from buyer and have no money!!
  5. OK what you wrote in the listing said immediate payment required BUT what we are asking here is whether you used the eBay checkbox for "Immediate Payment Required" or not.

    Because if you did, then the listing doesn't show up as sold until they pay for it.
  6. I am saying the listing has shown as sold!! I do not know what the buyer did, but the bag is no longer listed it says sold, waiting for payment!!
  7. If you didn't check the "require immediate payment" when you listed the item, then they have 7 days to pay before you can file.
  8. OK I did check the box that said immediate payment required!!The listing says sold, no money, no communication!!
  9. Sorry you haven't been paid but it's just not possible to run a buy it now auction, check the immediate payment required option thru eBay and then not be paid immediately when someone ends the auction. It' just doesn't happen. The only way this type of auction ends is beause a PayPal payment has been received.

    Have you checked your spam folder for the payment? Better yet, if you are absolutely sure you chose the immediate payment option, you should check your PayPal account and see if the payment is there.

    It takes less than 5 seconds to get both a notification from eBay that the auction has ended and a Notification of Instant Payment from PayPal.

    Good luck!
  10. Anything is possible with eBay :confused1: ...if you had buy it now with immediate payment and that's not the way it worked, you will likely have to contact eBay and/or Paypal and get them to try to figure out what's going on...