Bin Gorgeous Seafoam First Ebay!!!!

  1. You could buy 2 bbags with that price!

    Maybe she will accept a best offer??? But I wouldn't wait if you REALLY want it.....
  2. Thats waterfalls, she is selling the 04' lilac also. The price is way too much for me.
  3. yikes, for me to spend over $2K for one b-bag, it would have to cook me dinner & do the laundry :rolleyes:

    p.s. is it because it's a super-rare species?
  4. Yes and in excellent condition.

    Wow, if I had the $$$ I would buy that in a heartbeat. It is a beautiful color. :love:
  5. OMG These prices are getting ridiculously high!! Maybe because its the summer and everyone wants a fabulous new purse? hahaha either way, I hope this craze dies down soon.

    PS. It IS gorgeous though. I wonder if anyone will take her up on the BIN.
  6. what does BIN mean???
  7. Buy It Now
  8. "buy it now" :flowers:
  9. OMG I WANT IT! I am seriously thinking about quickly listing my pistachio twiggy so that I can buy I crazy??
  10. List it!!
  11. oh good lord!! someone save me!!

    i can stand this.. everytime i turn around, there is some great bag saying "buy me" buy me" but my husband is going to say,,"divorce me!!!":P :P
  12. "Everybody and her gay boyfriend loves it."
    Interesting marketing....:huh:
  13. OMG!! Im TOTALLY in love with the 04 lilac~~~!!!!! i'm bidding on it, don't know how much the reserve price is...
  14. the seafoam is gorgeous and is definitely rare, but the price is a bit high given that it's not brand new and is used. sigh. i think bbag prices on ebay is getting a bit out of hand. i really miss the MP now.....:sad: