BIN -Best Offer Option

  1. Guys, How do I set up BIN + Best offer option? Is this reserved for powersellers or something? everytime I put an auction up I can' find best offer option. :confused1:
  2. Hi - you have to change your listing format to fixed price, rather than the standard auction style.

    The Best offer and Buy it now options are then easily available.

    If you get stuck, it might help to search for an item that is similar to yours, with the same format and then click on 'sell an item like this'.

    On the new style selling page, there is a button for changing your listing to a fixed prive format before you even list your item.

    Good luck!:yes:
  3. When you get to the section for pricing (starts with 1st box starting price, I think) look right above that box-there are two tabs, one says (I think) online auction and the other says fixed price, click on that and wait a minute, you will have the BIN screen/best offer-
  4. Make sure you have at least 10 transactions under your ID, otherwise I do not think the BIN is allowed in your listing. I think it was a security feature to keep some of the "Scammers" from setting up shop and then running away. If you do have more than 10 transactions, then try the "Live Help" support on the home page of ebay. They have been great for me.
    Good luck!