BIN and offers - etiquette?

  1. Hi everyone

    Please forgive me if these are dumb questions ... I am new to buying higher-end merchandise on eBay. I have had a look in this forum and have done a search on eBay but no joy.

    I have seen a couple of auctions lately with a Buy It Now option. Yet when the auction ends early (with Buy It Now), the sale price is lower than the original BIN.

    Does this mean someone has made an offer and the seller has opted to accept it and end the auction early?

    If so, are sellers amenable to being approached with offers, even if the item has a BIN price?

    And does this mean that BIN nowadays also means Best Offer? Would using the BIN option mean you were a sucker because the seller was expecting offers?

    Just wondering about the etiquette, I guess. :shame:

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Hi, I love your name!
    I can only speak for myself but I don't think that a seller who uses BIN expects offers unless they've checked off the "accepts offers" option. That being said, it wouldn't bother me if someone made a reasonable offer. I do think it would annoy some sellers though so I would probably only make an offer if they had the best offer option.

    It's late here and I hope that makes sense! lol
  3. I don't think a BIN means you are a sucker. It means you don't want to risk someone else getting it and ending the auction early. But if they have a best offer option, they are definately willing to accept offers.
  4. Many times I have listed an item with a BIN, only to have the item go at regular auction with a higher final selling price than the original BIN.
  5. What recently bothered me was a bag I reallllly wanted was relisted due to nonpayment. It had a BIN and a Best Offer option. No one had made any offers at all the 2nd time around, and someone chose the BIN option with 3+ days left! To me, that is just dumb since if there weren't any offers, chances are the seller would probably just accept someone's Best Offer. The worst part of the story is the Seller had answered my Question and we were corresponding back and forth and she said she would sell me the bag at my last Best Offer price from the original listing. BUT this was after someone already pulled the BIN trigger :sad:
  6. I've bought items with buy it now when I could have made an offer because the price was so good that I knew someone else would buy it for that price before the seller could even consider my offer.