BIN $599 Sky Blue Work

  1. Great price but really too much ware for me, rather add and get a new one.
  2. :blink::blink::blink: i bought it!!!!
    i'm crazy about this colour, and i actually think (apart from those DARNED worn corners that the larger bbags can never seem to avoid (bah. i so need to learn to carry a bbag without paranoia about whether it's getting "hurt")) that the rest of it's actually in lovely condition... the distressing just drives me gaga.

    oh god.... i have a baby due in Jan and yet i now have a paddy, a pale pink first, this skyblue work.... but i can't downsize - they all serve different functions and are different sizes..!
    i shall allocate this one to "diaper bag / baby bag" :lol:

    oh i'm so excited... i've never owned a Work before, i wanted a big bag but i hope this isn't a crazy size like the voyage.
    but i think i'll like it.. i've never liked the First's shoulder strap and the way it can't really be worn on the shoulder..

  3. Ooooh great deal ! I'm glad it went to a PF-er, and it'd definitely be the most stylish baby bag around. :graucho:
  4. holly, congrats!!! you'll love the work. it's my favorite style. it'll be great as a baby carry-all too.
  5. p/s if anyone has suggestions on whether i can do anything about the signs of wear on this one, i'd love to hear it!

    i'm not in the US so i can't get spare tassles off BNY (unless someone wants to get and sell me some?)..
    and i was thinking of taking to it with some Apple Care, or maybe even the cleaner, then AGing it..
    and i don't suppose there's a product that can "seal" the chafed corners and stop them from chafing anymore in the future? those darned piped corners are so "out there".

    okay i'm gonna look for lots of piccies of small girls (i'm 5ft 0) wearing Work bags.. i'm not on my usual computer so don't have access to my stored hoard of bag porn. anyone want to point me to some?
  6. thanks ayla, esile!!
    i have no idea what life with a baby is actually like heheh, but this fits in sweetly with my current perception of swanning about town with a lovely bub carried on my front and a luscious big bag on my shoulder =) i'm sure it may work out otherwise, but who knows? =)

    yay now i can carry a ton of stuff.
    and i'll repeat - i've wanted a sky blue for so long!!!
  7. what a great deal! and perfect for your coming baby. congrats on both your bag and your baby!!!!
  8. holly, nicole is 5'1'' and here's pics of her with her 05 turquoise work... she also has a sky blue work too, but i can't find the pics.
  9. Congrats!!
  10. ALso, you can probably get it cleaned/repaired by Lovinmybags
  11. wowowowow... CONGARTS on the aamazing deal!!!
  12. Congratulations, what a great deal! I like "pre-loved" b-bags the most for the same reason as you!!! Enjoy her!
  13. Great job. Glad you got it. It will be a fabulous baby bag. Congratulations on both your new bag and you soon-to-be new babe. I think pre-loved is the best, too. It's like the first ding in a car - it's more fun to drive after that (as long as the ding isn't too big).
  14. I Agree