Bimba and Lola

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  1. Did a quick search and couldn't find a thread about this brand...

    Just saw the most gorgy bag on Lookbook: [​IMG]

    I noticed it is by a brand called "Bimba and Lola" which i believe is located in Madrid. A quick look at their website discovers that i can view the collection but not shop online or see prices as it is under construction :sad::shucks:

    I was just wondering if any of you lovely ladies had purchased from them previously and could inform me as to quality, availability, etc...

    TIA and hope you all have had a fab weekend :biggrin:

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  2. Never heard of the brand, but I sure do like the look of the bag you posted!! Curious too!!
  3. I've seen this brand before and its not cheap
  4. I was just in Bimba & lola in Madrid on saturday; it's very popular.
    it's not cheap but not very expensive either.
    As far as I know there are only shops in Spain.
  5. There's one in Singapore! At the Ion Orchard. I like mostly what they have but especially their accessories and bags. I think the price range is something like Max Mara?
  6. how much does one run for? the bag you posted is lovely!!
  7. I haven't heard of them either but they have quite a few nice bags on their site. antwerp do you remember the price range?
  8. Hi-- i was recently in Spain last may and fell in love with their purses so I went to their shop and they have the cutest bags, the prices of course were in euros but they are equivalent to Marc by Marc Jacobs prices.. some cheaper but very reasonable.. Hope that helps-- good luck!
  9. Thanks Strauberry that is a great help :biggrin:
    I can't wait until the online store becomes live, judging by what i have seen then my purse is going to be in trouble, lol!
  10. I've never heard of them but that purse is beautiful. Now I'm curious & I'll have to check out their online site!
  11. Yes just went to the store in Singapore, ion and the bags are lovely.
    They seems more pricy than what I found on the online website.
  12. great leather bags from BIMBA & LOLA
  13. Hi,
    I have a pair of Flats(I´ve paid 100 € ), and normal quality,I´ve bought them in Madrid . I believe the prices of the handbags are 150 € to 300 €, no more..... If you need more information, ask me, because soon I´ll come back to Madrid!
  14. wow, brittnybrittny are you from Madrid?