Bimaxillary protrusion aka ASO/mouth protrusion


May 12, 2015
Hi all, have anyone done or know someone who did the above surgery?
I'm interested to know the rough price and how long I'm required to stay in Korea.
Perhaps 3 weeks? Or 4-5 weeks stay similar to 2 jaw surgery?

I've visited my local orthodontist and he claims I have a protruding upper lip as the upper jaw is protruded and braces will NOT fix the issue. He can help by repositioning my upper jaw but he added that the lower jaw have to be shifted as well to make it equal(??) and my jaws will be fixated by screws. Isn't this like 2 jaw surgery?? Due to this, I'm trying to find a second opinion. Anyone can help?


Aug 4, 2017
Yes is it two jaw ,quotes for two jaws vary hospital to hospital , 15000 USD u ll get average but they negotiate if u add more surgeries or go in person n bargain , they might com to 10k usd so depends .i m going to have this surgery very soon Ll share my experience soon !
I have same protruded issue too