Bilson Ropes in New Bracelet Trend

  1. Rachel Bilson wears her favorite fringe boots and shops around 3rd St in L.A. with a gal pal on Friday afternoon.
    The pair first stopped at Satine Boutique where Rachel picked a brand spankin’ new pair of boots and then checking out Scout LA.
    The 25-year-old trendsetting starlet sported an oversized rope bracelet while shopping. Will girls across America start adorning their wrists with Bilson-inspired rope bracelets?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. She looks cute, Love her!
    Although I don't think i'll be jumping on the rope bracelet band wagon just yet, lol!
  4. don't like it much BUT love her bag. :heart:
  5. She's cute, but I don't like the bracelet.
  6. LOL uhhh no, no I won't be wearing that. The second pair of boots look much better.
  7. Girl needs to toss out the boots and put on a pair of flip flops! The bracelet doesn't bother me half as much as those boots do.
  8. eh to the rope, it looks weird IMO.
  10. Don't care for the bracelet
  11. Those first boots look like they can walk by themselves. I like the second pair....... What is this rope around the wrist look ? ( maybe its to remind her to do something)..... LIKE TAKE IT OFF IN PUBLIC.
  12. HA, HA, HA LOL! :roflmfao:

  13. I like the second pair of boots as well, and the dress is cute! She also isn't a bobble head, so she gets bonus points from me.
  14. perfectly stated!
  15. LOL!!