Billy Ray Cyrus's Daughter, Miley, Walking Around Manhattan

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    She's so cute :heart:
  2. awww she's so pretty & obviously a purse lover! wtg girl!!!!
  3. What a cutie! Is she an actress or just known for being his daughter?
  4. I still can't believe that this little cute as a button girl, Miley Cyrus, star of Hanna Montana, is the daughter of Billy Ray Cryus. Remember that guy? He hypnotized the land below the Mason-Dixon line and much of Middle America with his ridiculous mullet while singing some voice-cracking yodel about losing his girlfriend/ex-wife/sister/hunting dog/beer?

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  5. Thanks for posting. I don't ever see pics of her. I like Hanna Montana. That show is really funny. I know it's a kid's show.
  6. Her Hanna Montana show is actually a pretty cute show for younger girls.
  7. She's really pretty - love her bag:smile:
  8. She should not do the LiLo peace sign, but she is soo cute!!
  9. My nieces love that show. I bought a pair of Hanna Montana (brand) jeans and the show soundtrack for my 7 yr old niece for Christmas. She thought that was just awesome. Ut-oh. I just realized that if any of my nieces see the picture of her with that bag, they'll be begging me for one of mine.

    Billy Ray Cyrus is from my hometown - Ashland, KY. Should I admit that?
  10. I dont know why, but I dont like her... :shrugs:
  11. My girls like her on Hannah Montana. She's really young, 14 I think. Still wholesome. :rolleyes:
  12. Every time I hear Billy Ray Cyrus, I keep thinking, "Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart, I just don't think he'd understand . . . "

    I used to know how to do the line dance to that song!
  13. I think she's the cutest! My students all love her show.
  14. Hot bag! She rocks it well!
  15. i think she's adorable too... my nephew watches Hannah Montana all the time. i don't think he even knows her real name or who her father is (but then again, he's only 7)