Billy Blanks boot camp dvd - has anyone tried it?

  1. I just came back from Costco and picked up a 3 dvd Billy Blanks' boot camp. I immediately opened when I got home and tried it out. To my surprise, I LOVE it. I don't want to over exhurt myself so I only followed 1 dvd, already can't wait till tomorrow to try the next.

    I was wondering if anyone ever tried this and what they think?
  2. I tried it. I'm not one to exercise at home so I sold it on eBay.
  3. I like his TaeBo videos. I ordered this from QVC way back and returned the set because I didn't like it very much.
  4. I personally have never tried it but my sister got if for Christmas and she loves it!
  5. I have the dvds. When I just got them, I tried it and loved it. I am too lazy now. Maybe I should go back and do the boot camp again.
  6. Too high impact for me.
    His new studio is really close to my house, but his classes are too much for my knees and back :sad:
  7. I love Tae Bo!!! It goes by quickly and it doesn't really feel like exercise for me. I get really into it and pretend like I'm beating people up-- it's good stress relief :shame:
  8. I love TaeBo too. I haven't done my DVDs in awhile though because I usually use my elliptical machine. Random, but the DVDs always distract me because Billy's crotch is sweaty. :wtf::lol: