Billy Bags

  1. Does anyone here own one of those? I went to TK Maxx today to buy pyjamas, and left with a Billy Bag. Gorgeous Nappa leather (teal), bowler-style with Marc Jacobs-y look. Superb quality and only £135! Not surprisingly, I got the only one. Haven't seen many Billy Bags, but for some reason I thought they only made bags from canvas and synthetic fabrics. Tremendous purchase. My black Paddy now faces early retirement!
  2. Would love to see a pic.
  3. I'll try and get a pic up soon. In the meantime, imagine a teal-coloured Marc Jacobs-like bowler, studded front pockets and handles. Cosmetics mirror in inside pocket, with pic of dog on front. The dog is called Billy! Apparently Billy Bags founder spent 10 years with Burberry before launching hiw own line of bags, 1990 I think.
  4. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see it.
  5. I've heard of them and they're supposedly fab. I know that Kirsten Dunst carries one a lot.
    What a great TKMaxx find!!!
  6. Hope this came through OK. Here's my fab new Billy Bag!
    Oct07 billybag.jpg
  7. ^ Love the colour - I noticed the billybags also. I was thinking you were gonna ask where to find them and I would have said TKMaxx! xD

    You probably saved alot on RRP too :smile: Good deal!
  8. I said I paid £135 for the bag. It was actually 135 euros (I live in Ireland) so it was only about £95! That's about $195. RRP was £335. A humungous bargain and a wonderful bag!