Billion Dollar Babes

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  1. Has anyone else gone to one of these events? They're having one in the LA area, and it's my first time going... If anyone else is going to this one, wanna meet up and shop?
  2. Sounds neat, too bad they dont have Honolulu listed!
  3. I'm going to the San Francisco event in April, it sounds fun. This will be my first time...hopes it's not a waste of time. I going to be optimistic about it, since a couple of friends are coming along!
  4. I might check out the London one on the 18th. It's going to be my first time too. I want to go to one in the US though since there are so many more brands represented.
  5. I haven't been to one but it sounds wonderful. Memberships are super cheap for what you get.
  6. Everyone report back afterwards! I'm curious too!
  7. i'd like to know, too! i've never heard about this but it seems really cool. too bad they're no where near me
  8. I want to know first hand experience first before even thinking of signing up. It sounds good though. I'd be looking for bags and shoes like crazy.
  9. never been , be sure to let us know how it went
  10. ive signed up for london.. if anyone else is too.. let me know!!
  11. I can't tell what it's about? Is it a fashion event?
  12. Dang....more money to spend.
  13. I went to the last one in London and I'm going to the next one also. Although not alot of handbags, there was enough clothes to accessorize a few handbags;)
    It's fun, enjoy! But go early or buy a membership. I stood in line for almost 2 hours last time.
  14. A friend and I are most likely going to the London one!
  15. i've gone to the NY one a few times.......the selection is great but they don't have the best prices.......also i noticed that up until the last time i went the dressing rooms were free but now it says if ur not a VIP (as in if you don't pay for membership) then you have to pay a fee.....