Billion Dollar Babes

I'm going to the San Francisco event in April, it sounds fun. This will be my first time...hopes it's not a waste of time. I going to be optimistic about it, since a couple of friends are coming along!
I might check out the London one on the 18th. It's going to be my first time too. I want to go to one in the US though since there are so many more brands represented.
I want to know first hand experience first before even thinking of signing up. It sounds good though. I'd be looking for bags and shoes like crazy.
I went to the last one in London and I'm going to the next one also. Although not alot of handbags, there was enough clothes to accessorize a few handbags;)
It's fun, enjoy! But go early or buy a membership. I stood in line for almost 2 hours last time.
i've gone to the NY one a few times.......the selection is great but they don't have the best prices.......also i noticed that up until the last time i went the dressing rooms were free but now it says if ur not a VIP (as in if you don't pay for membership) then you have to pay a fee.....