Billion Dollar Babes

  1. Hi ladies!! I'm a long time lurker - this is my second post. Blah Blah Blah. :smile:

    Have any of you attended any of the BDB (Billion Dollar Babes) sales in LA, NY, SF or Chicago?!

    I've gone to a few sample sales, but this was my first Billion Dollar Babes sale. I had a good time, didn't spend a lot (phew!) but will definitely be back.

    I'm just mad at myself, I had my had on this BEAUTIFUL Goldenbleu Jordan bag in Black. I was carrying it around and prepared to by (at the sale $265 - normally $515). I was in the dressing room, trying on some pants. Hung the bag on a rack. Went to check my pants in a mirror, came back and My Jordan was gone!!!! :sad:
  2. oh how sad! =(
    ive been to the BDB sales in SF two times and came home with NOTHING! i cannot believe it...
  3. You really have to go to the pre-sale. It's soooo worth the VIP. Me and my mom bought a few goldenbleu bags, including a Jordan in this gorgeous banana yellow color.
  4. Did anyone go to the pre-sale yesterday? Was suppose to go today, but didn't get up early enough...just wondering if it's worth going to today...thanks!
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