Billion Dollar Babes - Valentino Online SS

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    Link for preview:
  2. Thanks! I love Valentino!! :smile: Does anyone know exactly what time it starts on Feb 7 for members and Feb 8 for everyone?
  3. oooh! This looks so good!
  4. Oh! Valentino!!!:love: Is there any way to become a member today???
  5. Has anyone done it today? How was it??? It looked like it was a good sale...
  6. some good deals on shoes:tup:
  7. Is there a way to view this online sale? I just signed up.
  8. It says online SS - please provide a link...
  9. You can get to the sale through if you're a registered user
  10. thanks - checking it out now ;)

    EDIT - don't see it anywhere. Damn. Not ment to be.
  11. the sale is on. Sign in on making sure you see $ not euros.
  12. I registered but I guess I'm set up in Italian and basically, I'm screwed. :confused1:
  13. sign up--> go to "my yoox" --> enter the sale
  14. you can charge your location to US. Somewhere on a top there is a flag, if you click on it you can pick any country. I had to go through that process, i had Spain assign to me by default.