Billion dollar babes sample sale nyc

  1. Has anyone ever gone to these? Just trying to figure out if it's worth going.

    fyi, it starts april 27th-29th
    The Altman Building
    135 West 18th Street
    (between 6th and 7th Aves)
    New York, NY 10011

    and rsvp at
  2. i've been going since it started about 4-5 years ago. The sale is OK and there are good deals to be had. I think the sale was much better a few years ago, but I still go. If you can go on Friday, you'll get a larger selection. Plus, there's usually a bar/djs/specials on friday.
  3. which designers samples do they sell there?
  4. if you go to their site, and click around you will find a list of designers and press about the sales.
  5. ohh do you need an invite for this?
  6. I go to the ones in los angeles, but I pay for membership so I can get first dibs instead of waiting in long lines only to choose from racks already picked over.
  7. I'm also a platinum member and I thin it's worth it to pay for the membership to be able to shop before the public sale.I've been to both NY and LA sales and personally I like the LA sale better. They had DVF event yesterday and I found some cute dresses.
  8. Was the DVF sale good? How was the selection and how were the prices?? Thanks!
  9. 2-3 years ago on 33str, betw 7and 8 avenues, on sample sale I've bought 2 Theory pant, I love them! It was so cheap!
  10. It's definitely worth paying for membership just to get in before the sale opens to non-members, based on my experiences with the NYC sale.

    Last year I went for one on a weekend after it had opened to the public, and didn't find much that was to my liking in terms of style and especially sizing. Versus last Friday, when I went in on opening day as a Gold member -- the difference in terms of selection and size availability was pretty dramatic.

    The lower level had a selection of bags and shoes and also had a small seating area with free tea samples, free drinks and sushi, which made for a great waiting area for my fiancé. They could definitely improve on their open area for trying the clothing on however -- it was a very crowded mess.

    An interesting thing that happened after I had RSVP-ed, but before I had signed up as a Gold member, was receiving an e-mail from Billion Dollar Babes indicating that Gold membership passes for one day were available at the door for $25 upon replying to that e-mail. I guess that's a good way to try out their membership for just one sale without committing to the full price.
  11. I have a VIP membership, which means I can get in at 5 on Friday. I lucked out last week. I got to the sale around 4:15 and they let me in.

    I was able to get great dresses that weren't on the racks by the time my friends arrived around 5:30. When I arrived the aisles were manageable and it was easy to breeze into the dressing room with 20 items. By the time I left, there was a really long line to get into the dressing room, a 10-item limit and nowhere to hang your items when you got in.
  12. since platinum membership is only good for a year and it costs $200.00, i just want to have an idea about whether or not it's worth it...

    how often do they have sample sales?
    how big of a discount would it be?
    any past experience?
  13. Getting to the sale Friday afternoon is perfect for my current work situation (it is impossible to get Friday mornings off).

    I started going to the sale before there were different tiers of membership and I think the first sale was one of the best. Over the years, some of the sales have been hit-or-miss in terms of selection, but overall, I think ithe deals are wonderful.

    I think the prices for the accessories are a bit steep, but the clothes are a steal. The only time I regretted not attending the sale even earlier was when I missed out on a sass & bide long red and white dress. Oh, it was divine.

    But I digress. Have you considered splitting the cost of a platinum membership with friends? It would certainly ease the initial sting out of joining.
  14. Creighbaby, how did you get VIP membership? Is that a third category that you can sign up for? I'd love to become a member, but Chicago only has two sales a year, so I don't think it would be worth it...