billion dollar babes report


Jun 4, 2006
I LOVE this time of year in New York when sample sale season starts to ramp up and I get to score bargains galore.

There are wonderful goldenbleu bags for really good prices. Here's what I remember:

I got a a dark blue leather bag for $60 and almost got a beige tote for $95. There were a few HUGE and HEAVY bags for $300. One was in the same blue/ink color as the Kooba parker in ink. But I think it was too heavy for walking around nyc.

Luella Patent Leather Tote for under $300
Patent Jordan Ruched Shoulder in white and yellow for #350
Patent tiffany clutch for $105
Leather tiffany clutch for $80
Katie patent leather clutch for $150 +/-
Candela had lovely leather bags for just $65. Lots of Amsale wedding dresses for 50% off. Clothing choices were cute, but not as good as past sales.

Did anyone go to 7th on sale?
Aug 27, 2007
New York City
Just got back from the BDB sample sale, I have to say it was not anything special at all!
The prices were not great, did not carry any high end designers.
I was looking for fab sweaters but they did not have much of a selection.
Truly disappointed but next door they had a True Religion sale and got myself a beautiful leather jacket for $199:yahoo: