billion dollar babes report

  1. I LOVE this time of year in New York when sample sale season starts to ramp up and I get to score bargains galore.

    There are wonderful goldenbleu bags for really good prices. Here's what I remember:

    I got a a dark blue leather bag for $60 and almost got a beige tote for $95. There were a few HUGE and HEAVY bags for $300. One was in the same blue/ink color as the Kooba parker in ink. But I think it was too heavy for walking around nyc.

    Luella Patent Leather Tote for under $300
    Patent Jordan Ruched Shoulder in white and yellow for #350
    Patent tiffany clutch for $105
    Leather tiffany clutch for $80
    Katie patent leather clutch for $150 +/-
    Candela had lovely leather bags for just $65. Lots of Amsale wedding dresses for 50% off. Clothing choices were cute, but not as good as past sales.

    Did anyone go to 7th on sale?
  2. Just got back from the BDB sample sale, I have to say it was not anything special at all!
    The prices were not great, did not carry any high end designers.
    I was looking for fab sweaters but they did not have much of a selection.
    Truly disappointed but next door they had a True Religion sale and got myself a beautiful leather jacket for $199:yahoo: