Billion Dollar Babes NYC - 75% Off Chloe Bags

  1. Billion Dollar Babes sent this e-mail out about an hour ago:

    75% Off Chloe Bags - Prices Just Slashed - Last Day

    Hundreds of Chloe bags just reduced to 75% off so HURRY down.

    Sale ends at 6pm today.

    The Altman Buildling
    135 W 18th St (between 6th & 7th)

    Don't miss it - final opportunity.

    Original Retail: $2200
    New BDB Sale Price: $650

    Original Retail: $1720
    New BDB Sale Price: $550
  2. Wish I was in NYC.
  3. do you know if there is a long line?
  4. Anybody know if they charge tax? Just that in some sample sales, if you pay cash, there is no tax? Thanks!
  5. They charge tax.
  6. i went yesterday - there was no line at all in fact it was a very spaceous sale. but that was yesterday, can't guarantee that for the chloe table downstairs.
  7. Why cant I live in NY :cursing:
  8. I went this afternoon around 4:00, and got an Edith for 550.:yahoo:
    And guess what, I saw Debra Messing next to me! Yes, the Debra Messing from Will and Grace. She was there with her baby and a friend. I was sooo in shock! Just kept staring at her. :drool:(I was a big will and grace fan) She look just like a normal person, well, with a pretty small face and big eyes, very little eye liner.
  9. She was next to me, too!! I didn't realize it was her at first. Nice to see that even rich folks like a good sale. I got two ediths, one for me and one for mi hermana. What did you get?
  10. i got edith in whiskey as a working bag. It's a all-in-one bag, which makes really easy for me. What did u get?
  11. I went around 1:30 today and got the whiskey edith I wanted:yahoo::wlae::graucho:
  12. you lucky gals with your ediths. Congrats!!
  13. I got two whiskey ediths. So pretty. I can't wait to wear mine. Perhaps it will force me to dress better for work.
  14. It's kinda good I don't live in NY. I'd be shopping and broke all the time. But I do wish I was there for these great sales
  15. I am soo jealous!