Billion Dollar Babes - Chloe Sample Sale -LA - on Fri Sep 7th

  1. I know some tpf-ers are paid members of Billion Dollar Babes... and may be going to the sale in LA on Friday at 12 pm.

    For those who do go early tomorrow, would you mind posting what the selection and prices are? I am RSVP'd as a non-paying guest, but want to know in advance (if possible) if I should bother going early to wait in the expected long long lines... in short, let us know if it's worth it.

    regular admission is at 4 pm... so if you get back early from the sale.. please post! it could save a bunch of people a trip... or potentially could lead to us rushing there sooner than we planned.

    happy bargain hunting!
  2. anyone back yet? wondering what they have...prices..
  3. I was wondering about that too!!! I was thinking of just buying a membership but thought I would wait to see if it was worth it!
  4. I have a friend with a Gold membership. She said the selection was kind of meh, she didn't buy anything, and the bags were priced at around $500.
  5. ^^^ Did she say which style they were??
  6. Tina, do you by any chance know if they had any Silverados? Just curious, as my aunt had been looking for one. We were debating on going, but didn't think there'd be much left for the non-Platinum or Gold members.
  7. Sorry, friend didn't mention any specific designs by name. Just that she was very unsatisfied. I would call her, but she's in class right now.
  8. I wonder if it's the leftovers from the NY sale? Sounds like it. If so there were a few large ediths, edith bowlers, & a lot of bettys toward the end of the NY sale.
  9. OK so it was TONS of Ediths and Teklas. A few python frame bags that were nice ($800). A few bags that I don't know the names of- square bags with lots of square pockets (sorry I can't be more helpful on that).

    Everything was around $500. Wasn't very busy, I walked right in, no line.

    I didn't get anything.

    No silverado or paddy's
  10. Square bags are probably bettys. Sounds like the NY leftovers for sure.
  11. Any edith messengers??? TIA..
  12. Thanks JB for the info! I feel much better now about missing it. I live more than an hour's drive away and couldn't make the drive. Wish I lived on the East Coast, they always seem to have fab sales there (Prada, etc.)
  13. Nop.. there wasn't any.
  14. oh booo, doesn't sound like there was too much that i missed then
  15. this was my first time at billion dollar baby event. i expected more seletions.. too bad ...very small selection. i was disappointed... nothing intereted me.. i drove 1.5 hours to get there... :tdown: no line... i spent 2 minutes..walked right in and then out...