Billion Dollar Babes Chloe LA Sample Sale

  1. Someone posted info re: billion Dollar babes Chloe sample sale in LA, in the Deals and Steals thread. Am just wondering if anyone here had attended the NY sale? And, is it worth it to join their membership?? Thanx.
  2. I don't know anything about joining their "club" but I thought I read in some thread involving the NCY store that they wouldn't do purchases over the phone?
  3. Nope. BDB is a warehouse-y type sale. I guess this one is at their office, usually they rent a HUGE place and just set up the stuff for a day or maybe 2 days. No phones, no salespeople.
  4. Darn it - why am I not living in LA? Right by Southcoast Plaza. I'd even work at the Chloe boutique for free!
  5. I'm laughing MAO now thinking how I'd even mop the floors and clean the toilets just to get a pity bag thrown my way from time to time. Anything to quell the shakes - LOL!:lol: