Billion Dollar Babe Sample Sale

  1. Has anyone ever been to a billion dollar babe sample sale? Do you miss out on a lot of the clothing if you are not a Gold or Platinum member (as a member you get to go in a few hours earlier than others)? I would be attending the sample sale in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. Any general information about the sample sale would be great! TIA:flowers:
  2. I'm a platinum member. I think $200 membership fee is worth it. A lot of *hot* items disappear really fast and the general public never get to see them. My DD Nerphanie has been to SF, LA, and NY and LA is the best. If you want to kno anything more, just pm me.
  3. i've never heard of this, can anyone explain? :smile: sounds very, very interesting...
  4. It's an invited members only sample sales usually held in a gigantic warehouse. Regular membership is free but they charge Platinum and Gold members $200 and $100 per year.Regular members are not allowed to shop on the first day. Platinum members get to shop 3 hours before the Gold members are allowed. Events happen once every three month at every venue.They are held in NY, LA, SF, Dallas, and Chicago. I hope this helped.
  5. I was considering going to the sale in Dallas in April. Do they have handbags at this sale too?
  6. Yes, they do have few handbag vendors.
  7. thanks, cutestmom! that sounds amazing... what brands do they have? and how do you get invited?
  8. You just visit their website to register and they'll e-mail you when they have an event in your area. You can also find the list of designers who participate. Just google billion dollar babes.
  9. thank you soo much cutestmomever!
  10. I'm a gold member and I love, love, LOVE billion dollar babes.. Love the november sale in NY... I usually buy sass and bide, mara hoffman, williamb, tea bags, lots of binetti. best thing is that its current season. I never go the day its open to the public ---- its very chaotic that day.
  11. what is the price range for most of the pieces? or do you know how much the clothes are marked down usuallly? i wish i lived in NY...i alwys hear of amazing sample sales that happen there like Hermes!!!
  12. A lot of pieces are between $50 to $100. The price usually represent about 70% discount(IMO).Some of their pieces are more pricey but still good bargain. I can easily spend couple thousand dollars at one event. I'm going to NY this week while Hermes sample sales are happening but I'm not sure if I want to wait couple hours in line. That's another good thing about BDB, you don't have to wait in line.
  13. BDB rocks! My mom (cutestmomever) got a pair of sass & bides I'd been eyeing for $75, originally around $250!
  14. Yea, I was suppose to go to the one they had recently in Chicago but decided against it at the last minute. I haven't paid for a membership, but if the stuff was worth it -it defiintley would allow you to get past the long lines to the cash wrap!
  15. Aw those sound like so much fun! Too bad there isn't any where i live