Billfold with Six Card Slots Wallet


Which billfold wallet should I get?

  1. Pomme

  2. Amarante

  3. Wait for Azur

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  1. Im on a hunt for a wallet now and out of all the different styles, I like the billfold with six card slots wallet BEST!! To my dismay, it doesnt comes in Azur, although its available in Ebene. Will it ever come out in Azur? Should I wait for it or get one in Pomme or Amarante 1st?:shrugs:
  2. No telling if it will come out in Azur.

    I think you should get the 6 CC Billfold in Pomme!
  3. Amarante
  4. Pomme!:tup:
  5. Pomme, i just love the colour right now!
  6. I went to the boutique to view both pomme and amarante, and im so torn cos both looks so good!! Im so indecisive...
  7. It would look delish in pomme!
  8. Pomme!