Billfold w/10CC holder

  1. I really want a the 10cc Billfold Wallet, but in Damier. It exists in Monogram for sure, but I've been getting mixed messages about it coming in Damier. I've pestered my local boutique several times and the SA's say that it does come in Damier but they are sold out; I've called the toll free number to see if they could locate one for me but they say that it does not come in Damier. Do any of you experts know???
  2. I don't think it comes in Damier.
  3. Sorry but no, Louis Vuitton never made the Billfold w/ 10CC Slots in the Damier Canvas, but they made it in the Monogram Canvas. If you have your heart set on that particular wallet in the Damier, you can use Louis Vuitton's "Special Orders" service, and have them custom make that wallet to your exact specifications. I have used this service for custom items and they gave me every choice possible to make sure my products were unique. Personally, I handled my custom orders in the 5th Avenue Flagship because they have a "Special Orders" agent on site. I hope this helped.