Bill Kaulitz -Cute Male Fashionista

  1. Hellloo! New here. :biggrin:

    I wanted to post pics of Bill Kaulitz, he's the 18 yo androgynous lead singer of the German rock band Tokio Hotel. His twin brother Tom is one of the two guitarist in the same band.

    I love Bill! put it that way lol.
    Ahhhh!! He has such an awesome fashion sense. complete diva I'm telling ya!
    He wears designer everything. Love his jewelery and belts.. My fav of his stuff would have to be his Prada, Chanel and Dior sunglasses and his white Prada purse (WANT! Can someone please tell me where to get it!) He has awesome nails, makeup and gigantic hair. (Dyed black and streaked blonde, he's naturally blonde though).

    He's supa gorgeous too. I swear, his DNA came from a mannequin lol.
    Okie dokie... onto the piccies.
    Bill rocks =)


    So many more pics here:
  2. Um, Bill might be a very pretty boy but his music does nothing for me.

    And purse or manbag?
  3. I´ve seen pictures of him, I thought he was a she!
  4. That poor boy. I hope he gets paid well for putting up with being styled that way.
  5. haha, I think he likes it =]
    it's mostly all him in the candid shots.

    looka that sweeet face.
  6. Shim looks anorexic.

    That would be a murse.
  7. Umm... the only positive (?) thing I can say is that he makes a pretty girl...!
  8. and a very handsome man ^^
    HubbaWubba, Shim? LOL. I may start using that

    here's the brother
  9. No thanks, but welcome!!
  10. Seems like he wants to bring Visual Kei kind of style to europe. I applaud him for trying something new, but I'm unfortunetly not a fan of the music.
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Dear...there's only one guitarist in that band, the other boy who plays an instrument that looks like a guitar is Georg, and he's a bassist...this means that the guitar-alike instrument is actually a bass. I was looking for prada sunglasses and this appeared, and I'm actually a TH fan, so I know what I'm saying.