Bill & Giuliana New Season

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  1. I was so sad to hear about it too. I'll be watching the new season.
  2. I really enjoy this show! Their relationship seems so genuine.

    I think it's awful that Guiliana miscarried, but I do find it troubling that her doctor insisted she put on weight to get/stay pregnant last season, and she refused because of her career. I think Whoopi Goldberg called her out on that on The View this year. I hope she starts taking her doctor's advice seriously. Guiliana used to have a diet blog on her website (maybe she still does?), and it's amazing she hasn't passed out yet from starvation. She barely eats.
  3. ^^If she can't eat for herself how can she eat for two? That is really sad.
  4. i feel bad for her . not sure how she can talk about it on tv i would be a mess and break down crying if i had to talk about it .
  5. I love Giuliana and Bill. ITA about the weight gaining for the baby. I think she needs to change her eating habits and realize what's best to carry a baby. I saw them on The View and I will be tuning in!

    Has anyone picked up their book?
  6. I totally missed this tonight! cant believe I forgot it was starting up again tonight. Did anyone watch?
  7. I taped it, haven't watched it yet. I really like them, bill is just too darn cute.
  8. She did gain a little weight. She had gained 5 lbs right after her doctor asked and I actually can see a little more weight on her when I watch her on E!.
  9. I saw her and Bill on Wendy the other day. She defended herself on not being too skinny and said that gaining the five pounds did not help her get pregnant. Don't know if they showed it yet, but on Wendy they said she got pregnant and miscarried at 6 weeks.
  10. Guiliana is DELUSIONAL and obsessed with eating/staying skinny... I swear when she's on the red carpet the FIRST question out of her mouth to female celebs is "OMG, how do you stay so skinny? What's your diet?" Living/working in HollyWEIRD is tough - I lived on Red Bull, water and salad the whole time I lived there. When I came home, my mom said I "looked like a damn crackhead".

    Swanky said she could see the weight gain. I'm sorry, I can't seen it...
  11. She's in the "business", there's a ton of pressure I'm sure.
    They did show her getting pregnant and then in previews consequently miscarrying.

    I noticed over the summer she didn't look as bony. She's still uber-thin.
  12. 5 pounds really isn't that much for someone her frame. Kind of ridiculous that she keeps saying she doesn't want to gain weight, but that she wants a baby. Whatever. Her body.

    I don't necessarily agree with this given what Giuliana does for a living. She's an entertainment reporter, and she has quite a few producing credits with E!. She's established herself and has her own show, which has gotten a lot of ratings. She would be just fine if she got pregnant. I think she's just making excuses.
  13. This is one couple I want to actually have a baby. I hope it works out for them
  14. I watched the last 30 min. While I was watching the preview for upcoming episodes, it looks like she had more than one miscarriage. They showed when they try IVF again and then when she is rushed to the hospital.

    I really like them together, and I hope being a reailty show couple does not ruin their marriage.