Bill Gates' last full day at Microsoft- hilarious video

  1. Oh my gosh it gets funnier and funnier lol!!! Napolean dynamite LOL!!
  2. :roflmfao: wait till the end!
  3. ROFL, that was too funny! And good job @ Brian Williams for being able to keep a straight face during that, lol!!!
  4. Ho hum!!! Is d**k to strong a word to describe this guy??? But that was sooo funny!! I'm sure not in the way he intended!! Napolean Dynamite LOL !!!
    But at least he does have some sort of a sense of humour,bless him!!!

    Thank you for posting that!! Really tickled me I can tell you!!!
  5. "No, all position in the band have been filled, Bill"
    I just loved watching this, Roo, one of my favorite YouTube's ever, thanks for putting this up!
  6. LOL! thanks for posting!
  7. LOL so funny
  8. BF showed me this the other day. This is Bill Gates' last year as keynote speaker at CES! The end of an era.
  9. Hilarious. Him with his trainer Matt McConaughey "can I take my shirt off now?" "Ummm, not yet."

    Jay Z "someone has to tell him he's horrible".

    Al Gore "No this isn't and inconvenient time Bill"

    George Clooney "I can't play Bill Gates, try Russell Crowe".
  10. Love it. Thanks Roo.:tup:
  11. Love that last day clip...Barack Obama "...Bill Shatner? From Star Trek?" LMAO!!
  12. LOOOL! No this isn't an inconvenient time, Bill.