Bill Blass bags? Anyone with previous experience?

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  1. Hi, I just found this pretty bag on neiman marcus's website and the designer is bill blass. has anyone owned a bag from him within the $500 range (it's not the exotic super expensive collection) and had good experiences? i did a search in tpf and couldn't find any reviews about his bags. i just want to know if the leathers he uses are good quality and can withstand the passing of time. Thanks!
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    Gorgeous bag. I know Bill Blass has established a well recognized high end clothing brand so I would assume the bags would maintain the same quality as the clothing. The brand has been around for years.
  3. Ok apparently Bill died in 2002 so this is just a brand name now but than so is Louis Vuitton. ;)
  4. wow, I didn't know the man died. but whoever designed that bag deserves a medal of some sort. it's really pretty huh. i just don't want to get a dud when the picture shows such a beauty!
  5. I keep going onto NMLC to stare at the same bag, but I'm trying to save my money for something else. It really is gorgeous!

    I've owned BB bags from both collections and the quality was amazing, but as I only owned either bag for less than six months, I can't tell you if it holds up over time. There were no problems when I had them, though, and the leather was really really nice. I parted with them to fund another bag and still regret it a bit.
  6. RIGHT, faith_ann? That bag is GORGEOUS. seriously, i'm so tempted to buy it...
  7. well there's a promo for $50 off your second purchase at last call on top of the 30% off, so if you buy something cheap and then get the bag on your second order, you really can't beat the price.
  8. I saw the same exact bag at TK Maxx in Cologne Germany for only 150 Euros! I was surprised! The bag was really nice, the color was gorgeous and the leather was good quality. What made BB bags cheaper than other brands is that even though the bags were designed in Italy, they were crafted in China (the inside tag says that). Nevertheless I wish I had bought the bag!!!! (Banging my head on the wall now)
  9. HI gals,
    You would never regret the purchase, I guarantee it!!!

    I own two Bill Blass handbags. One is a rectangular handbag called the Matthew and the other is a large leather and canvas tote called the Henry Sr. They are wonderful. Have owned the tote for 9 months and the handbag for five months. The leather is fantasic, keeps the structured shape throughout, great quality, really well made. I would love to but even more. There are many sales on Bill Blass products for really low prices and I don't know why. My Matthew retailed for $975. I guess maybe not enough people know about his line and they need to sell items obviously for revenue, but this company was started decades ago! What a shame! Bill Blass bags are awesome.
  10. Here are my two bill blass bags, which I've worn A LOT with TONS of stuff in them! A Bill Blass will last you, that's for sure.

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  11. I bought one at last call and it is gorgeous. But i am not sure how durable it is since it is a suede tote.