Bikram [Hot] Yoga

  1. I haven been doing Hot Yoga for 4 weeks now.. and I love it.. it is definitely challenging, and some days are better than others. Today for instance was not my day.. but still I feel great.

    I do Pilates as well and like that a lot too.
  2. I think I'm going to try this tonight, as the only yoga place near me is a Bikram-only studio... wow, I'm scared!!!

    Do I need to bring my own mat??
  3. I tried it. I exercise a lot (weights, sports, cardio) 5-6 times a week. Hot yoga was not for me. I don't need to sweat more than I already do.

    I take a yoga class once or twice a month for deep, long stretching. Otherwise I stretch on my own for 15-20 minutes after I exercise or play sports.

    Besides not liking the smell, finding the heat suffocating, I just felt like it would be bad for my body to sweat so much more unnecessarily (my nutritionist agrees with me).

    The sweating, most of it, is caused by the heat, not the intensity of the workout.
  4. i understand the benefits of it, and have tried it a few times and its just not for me.

    i dont generally sweat too much and the last time i went i couldnt even focus on my yoga practice because i was distracted by the guy next to me's dripping the nose (drip) onto his mat :throwup:
  5. it is an experience. one lady farted, funny guy in blue spandex, crazy teacher, almost naked people sweating in one room doing downward dog. is sort of crazy. i remember thinking this is ridiculous and never went back. i felt great after class, but couldn't stick with it for more then 2-3 months. i guess i wasn't doing it correctly and my back started to hurt. i think is the most difficult workout ever.
  6. I always wanted to try it. I dont really sweat that much anyway so it would be interesting to see how I would feel.
  7. i dont sweat much either. thats y it grossed me out :s
  8. i keep wanting to try it but i'm worried i'll have trouble breathing in the heat

    there's a studio by me, maybe i'll check it out next week
  9. I want to ty it to but the sessions are early in the morning and I can only go to the gym after work. I dont know if I would be able to stan the heart but 400 burned calories is worth it IMO. I might try it this saturday.
  10. I would say so, you dont want to use one of the studio's sweaty a** mats :roflmfao:
  11. One of my goals in life is to try bikram yoga! I read one of the Gossip Girl books and Dan goes to a bikram yoga studio with his girlfriend. Everyone there was naked :wtf: Are there places where clothing is mandatory and places where its allowed to go...nude? Because I want to try it out but Im not ok with seeing people with no clothes stretching and all that.
  12. ^^^
    Nobody at my studio is naked, but they're definitely MOSTLY naked. The guys (all gay, from what I observed) wore speedo-type underwear and nothing else. The girls, even the *ahem* not so thin ones, wore sports bras and short yoga shorts.
  13. I recently started Bikram yoga at the advice of my chiropractor. I LOVE it! I never really sweat at all but I'm telling you my clothes weighed about 3 pounds just from the sweat from this class. It is a really emotional experience for me for some reason. The first time I took the class I was crying at the end, feeling very grateful to have found the class and who knows what else. Strange. I'm often stressed out and this class really makes me feel mellow and calm for days. Even a couple days after a class my energy level is very high. It's awesome.
  14. I tried it when I was 13/14. I was/am very into yoga. Loved it loved it loved it. My riding (horses) improved that very day. It really is intense but worth it. No place near me now but if there was, Id be doing it as much as possible
  15. It's nice to hear that some are liking it.
    I benefitted a lot from bikram yoga and pilates.

    If the yoga center smells bad.... they must not be doing a good job ventilating, cleaning, maintaining the place.
    Last month I went to a different bikram yoga center near me that had Carpet flooring. They claimed it was to prevent people from slipping, but it was gross. the smell made me want to gag..... I couldn't stand it.
    Also, there was a man with a big fat belly who wore a very tight leopard print speedo. That was way~ too distracting!

    I've been really busy and stopped going to yoga for 6 months and my cramps came back.....:crybaby: I really need to drag myself back...