Bikinis.. Which suits you the most!

I was trying on my old bikinis from last summer there .. Since I've lost a bit of weight and my boobs have decreased in size as well:tdown:I don't know what kinda style will suit me. I'm 5'2 , 8 Stone and I think I'm down to a 34 b cup (euro size) in my bra size. Not sure what that is in US terms.. I'm looking for some bikinis that will suite my figure.:tup:

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
i have ample bossoms so need loads of support but i dont think you can go wrong with classic cuts. high cut legs make your legs look longer which is always a plus. i hate bikini shopping but i think the only way to find something you love is to try on every style and every colour until you find the perfect 1.


loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
Because of my chest, I have to generally wear halters but on occasion I've been surprised and have fit into triangle bikinis. It sounds like you could wear anything. If I could, I would wear one of those bandeau type bikinis with the ring in the middle, I think they are so cute and would probably look good on you.


May 18, 2007
I agree with the bandeau tops for not so well endowed! I'm one of them! :P That's the type of bikini I'm going to be wearing this year! My FIRST bikini ever!!! A little stomach is not very flat.... I've always worn tankinis or one-pieces!


May 16, 2006
It's hard to say what bikini would suit you just from an online description. Why not try one of those online "tests" to see what would be best for you??

Are you worried about your tummy, then a tankini might be best for you - I know it is for me! I've still got quite a bit of my pregnancy belly, so it hides it well and also hides those nasty additional stretch marks I have on my tummy now!


Feb 16, 2007
Those bandeau tops scare me, like they would fall off.

I usually wear a triangle top because I have smallish boobs (bcup) and they usually look nice in that top.

As far as the bottom, SHEESH. My dad's genes oh-so-nicely gave me the most abhorrish love handles in the world. So, consequently, it's all up for grabs as far as what type of bottom I'm wearing. I don't really like boy shorts, so I usually just go for a wider bottom (not something with a string).

EDIT: Oh, and my best advice is when you go bikini shopping, don't buy a "set." Go into a store where you can buy the top and bottom separately. If you are like me, you need a bigger bottom than the top. So, always best to be able to choose different sizes. As well, you can mix and match!


Oct 12, 2006
The Bikini of Attitude.

Every single one of us is going to feel some twinge of sadness upon accepting that our days of brick and mortar bikinis are forever immortalized in our memories, but no longer on the beach.

It is only a fleeting twinge, however, as we are now and forever empowered to embrace the New Bikini - the Bikini of Attitude that guarantees that we are hot.

Hotter than any cloth bikini ever made us look, the Bikini of Attitude is impervious to weight, gravity, stretch marks, bloat, or any of the picayune details that so often impeded our enjoyment of mere cloth bikinis.

We have Graduated, we have Emerged, and we have begun to Bloom, and we are at long last, truly hot enough to proudly rock the Xtreme Cage Match Hotness of the coveted Bikini of Attitude.:wlae: