Bikini line hair removal...

  1. Hey y'all!!

    I just made an appointment to get laser hair removal in several areas. Now, the only one that sort of keeps me wondering is the dreaded bikini line. Search function doesn't work, so please forgive me if this has been asked before.

    If anyone's had it done (and is comfortable talking about it here), I have a few questions:

    -How much hair exactly will be removed?
    -Do I have a choice on how much I want them to take off?
    -If there's a choice, what do YOU think it's best to leave/remove? A strip, the whole thing, etc.? And pros and cons, please?
    -Do I need to wear a thong, or will I have to take my underwear off?
    -Did anyone worry about your.. um.. natural smell? I'm scared it'll be offensive.. it's not like it smells nasty, but you know how we all have some sort of a smell down there?

    And anything else you might consider to be of importance. I realize some of my questions may seem silly or like I'm trying to troll, but I'm serious. All I want is to be prepared so that everything works out well. And I don't know anyone who's lasered that area IRL! :sweatdrop:
  2. I had my bikini line lasered, brazilian style (so just a strip down the front and everything else - GONE!). So they should ask you what you want in terms of how much to take off and how much to leave - if you are paying for it, of course it's your choice! You need to shave everything that you want to get rid of yourself first - they can't just laser it b/c it smells horrible with all of the burning hair and hurts more. You should have a consultation before they get started. Is that what you're scheduled for? They need to advise you about how many treatments, what to expect, etc before you get started.

    You definitely have to take your undies off if you are getting anything more than just the sides done - and you might have to take them off even for that! I liked to wear a skirt to my treatments and then just slip off my underwear - that way, when the treatment was done, I could put my skirt back over me right away. And don't worry about smell/how things looks, etc - just like at the doctor's office, these people have seen much, much worse!
  3. Good Qs. I want to have some too. I heard that 5-6 sessions might be needed. I have my underarm areas zapped a few years ago and I loved the result so much. I now just have one session per year. Good luck
  4. I've had my third Brazilian treatment done and while it hurts like hell I'm very happy with the results! Some areas have next to no regrowth but like other ladies mentioned I did have new, light blond hair pop out in the inner lip area..ew. I have to have the joules lowered when she treats my front and 'in-between' areas b/c I really can't deal with the pain. I'd say I've had about 50% plus hair reduction so far and that is what I was told to expect. My tech. is also a good friend of mine and always stressed that she could not guarantee permanent hair removal. Cost for Brazilian plus navel is $185. Best thing I've done for myself in a long time!
  5. Thanks guys! I was also worried about the pain.. is it any worse than a tattoo?
  6. Great job for starting this thread! I've been curious myself but haven't gotten to asking these questions myself.

  7. is that for one time or for all 5??

    does it hurt alot more then a brazilian wax??
  8. I came close to getting a laser brazilian until I read on blogs that most of the women experienced substantial regrowth after thier last appointment. So it seemed to me that I was better off sticking to my monthly waxing routine.

    If the results from laser were permanent, I would do it in a heartbeat regardless of cost (cheaper than waxing year after year).
  9. How much hair exactly will be removed?
    After 3 treatments I could see a big difference, after 6 it's really all gone. Just need top-ups once a year.

    Do I have a choice on how much I want them to take off?

    If there's a choice, what do YOU think it's best to leave/remove? A strip, the whole thing, etc.? And pros and cons, please?

    I left a fairly wide patch in the middle. Since it's pretty permanent, this allows me to still wax to change things as I like!

    Do I need to wear a thong, or will I have to take my underwear off?

    You'll need to take your underwear off!

    Did anyone worry about your.. um.. natural smell?

    I didn't worry and I've never heard of people in the industry complaining about an average person!

    Other tidbits:
    In Australia, it costs $99 / session for a brazillian. It costs a minor fortune in the UK so I've never had a treatment here. When I return to Australia I'll get my underarms done too. Can't wait!

  10. I don't think it's that painful - more tolerable to me than waxing. And definitely not as bad as a tattoo in my opinion, especially because to do the whole bikini area/brazilian it only takes maybe 10 minutes or so vs. a tattoo that takes a lot more time (at least mine did). Though the feeling is more like that of a tattoo than waxing - little stings instead of a big rip! So even though it isn't super comfortable, it's over fast. If you can wax and get tatooed, you can definitely handle the laser I think!
  11. Great!! You've all set my mind at ease. Here, I paid 2500 MXN pesos for a total of 12 sessions tops, meaning the first 6 are mandatory and the rest subject to the doctor's evaluation. That includes armpits, bikini, half the leg (about 4 fingers above the knee), and moustache. 2500 MXN pesos are roughly 240 dlls or so.
  12. ^^:shocked: That's a great price! I wish I lived in Mexico!
  13. LOL! Feel free to come visit anytime!
  14. Hey missmustard. I am moving to Monterrey for work in July. Is there a place that you recommend? Was it for laser removal or just waxing? Thanks!

  15. Let me PM you, ok?