Biking/Cycling vs. Walking. Better exercise?

  1. Sometimes I walk 2-3 miles a day for a few weeks, then I lose interest and stop. When I walk, I notice it causes some pressure in the ankles, knees and hips.

    Recently I pulled a 12 speed bike down out of the garage and started using it again after too many years. Last couple of days, I've ridden 4-5 miles on a flat country road. Can't take hills yet.

    Seems like I get the same basic effect from both as far as legs and lungs and other things, so is one any better than the other?
  2. Nope...whatever you do to get your heart rate up, is what works. Whether you bike, run, walk, swim...whatever you're more likely to do is what's best. :smile:

    Now, what I will note, walking isn't the most efficient way to burn cals. I'd also look into a new pair of walking/running specific shoes as they might be the reason your experiencing pains. Find a local running shoe store and have them evaluate your gait and recommend a shoe accordingly.
  3. It depends on the speed you are going. Walking at a fast pace and uphill can be more of a workout than just biking on a flat terrain at a slow pace. Biking is a little better on the joints as you are not constantly pounding on them.

    Do you wear a heart rate monitor? The best form of exercise is to get your heart rate to a certain level (based on weight) and maintaining it for a period of time.
  4. No, walking is not significantly better or worse than cycling. It generally does take more miles on a bicycle to equal the miles covered by walking or running, but it seems you have that covered because you already go more miles on the bike.

    I cycle quite a bit, and walking or running cannot compare for me. I feel more free on a bike, and I can go for a much longer time. Of course, the cardio isn't usually as intense as running, but if I can go three times as long I am getting as good or better a workout on the bike. I say to do what you enjoy doing, as you will be more likely to keep doing it.
  5. Well said. I bike alot too and love it. It's much easier on the joints too.
  6. So maybe alternate days? Walk one, bike another? I have a few hills I can walk up, that I'll never be able to ride up.

    No real heart monitor, but I have a watch with something built in that measures heart rate. Normal seems to be in the 70-80 range, I've seen it up around 120 when walking.
  7. I walk every day, but bike 2-3 times per week. I find cycling much more exhilerating because of the faster pace. The terrain (at least around here) is varied so I get variable intensity, which is good. Since I find the bike more fun, I find that I can go for 1.5 to 2 hours without feeling like I'm miserable.

    If you spend more time on a bike, you might consider bike shorts and other gear like gloves to make it more comfortable.