Biker Ramona owners....tell me this, will you?

  1. I am enamored with the Biker leather w/ Watersnake and love it on the Ramona.

    How has this leather held up over time for you?

    What colors did it come in on the Ramona? I know of the Tan, which I love. Anything else?

    And where on Earth can I find one of these babies??
  2. I have one in the Burgundy color, which is a nice darkish red color. Pictured below was my Burgundy Riki (I ended up getting it in the Ramona because the Riki was too small for me), which captures the awesome color!

    I know they also came in Black and Forest Green. I think Nude and Tan were different colors too.

    Oh, I guess I've had mine for almost a year now. Granted, I rarely take her out but the JC bags are extremely well made and mine still looks brand new
  3. I love, love, love the biker leather! It gets a lot of use (bags and shoes) and holds up great. The Ramona came in black, burgundy, forest green, nude, & dark tan. If you look on the reference library, in the Ramona/Radiant/Ring/Riki sections, you will see examples of all colors.
  4. Love love that Burgundy color.

    Does anyone have a photo of the Forest Green Biker Leather?
  5. Yes - it is in the Ramona thread in the reference library. That color was only carried in Neiman Marcus in the US, and in Choo London. It has long since sold out.
  6. Holy Cow, my heart just stopped!
  7. It is pretty, eh? I have no idea why the US boutiques did not order that bag.
  8. It is pretty. The biker leather is beautiful. And the green was a lovely lovely colour. However, I think the new drummed leather is just as gorgeous but I noticed when I bought mine that it exhibits more wear on the edges than the biker leather. I think it is just the way that it has been manufactured but it looks more "worn" from the moment you get it.
  9. I also wondered does the clasp close the bag? And must you latch and unlatch each and every time, or can you leave it undone?
  10. There is a hinged "tongue" that goes through the slot in the strap hardware, then flips down 90 degrees. I think many gals keep it open and tuck the strap inside the bag for daily use. I do not, I keep it fastened and reach inside to get what I need quickly...the phone or keys. For the bigger items, you need to open it up.
  11. I bought VKDs off of eBay, but I have been *really* remiss about posting pics. The bag is beautiful, however. I bought it for my mom, and I almost wanted to keep it for myself, it is so lovely.:tup: