Biker Ramona, Does it go on sale?

  1. I have been eyeing the black biker ramona since forever:heart::love:!!!!!!!!! Since its sale season I was hoping it would go on sale.

    Does anyone know if it this type of ramona go on sale? Because it didn't go on sale in the spring/summer 07. :tdown:

  2. Good question! I was wondering that too... it doesnt seem to ever go on sale...

    I'm sure one of our experts can help you with ur question
  3. Ladies, the boutiques did put the biker Ramona/Riki on sale last June, but it was only the Burgundy and Tan. I was told the Black Biker was such a hit, that they decided it was a good one to hold over for Fall/Winter. It might be on sale later this year :tup:

    I know last Summer some of the Department stores did mark the Black biker down, but they went quickly:sad:
  4. so it will be in spring/summer 08?
  5. I just went to the JC website and they still have the tan and burgundy FULL price. But the tan is sold out!

    I think it might be part of the permanent collection
  6. Talking to ScoopNYC yesterday, they said they had a black Ramona with "snake" trim for $799. It's at the Miami branch. I just bought a black Ramona so it doesn't make sense to buy another right now. Someone get it!!
  7. I might be too late, but is it still available? I would LOVE to get one! If they did, does anyone know if they ship?
  8. they ship, because i bought my ramona from them. try every single branch! the miami branch had sold out the biker version a "few minutes before" I talked to them on new year's eve.
  9. That makes me mad:mad:

    I called them on Sunday Morning right when they opened and asked about the bag and any other sale bag and was told they sold the last sale bags the day before.

    I hate when people are too lazy to go look and just tell you "too bad, we are all sold out" :hs:

    (at least I get to use the horsey :hs:)
  10. I feel for you Robyn!