Biker bag?

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  1. Hello... Does anyone have the large biker bag? I'm debating on getting it in the white, but was wondering how manageable the bag is? Is it difficult to get in it? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396290622.141459.jpg
  2. I have the smaller one. The chains are in the way sometimes but it is such a cool looking bag I can deal with that. I keep my wallet and sunnies in the large zip compartment and all my other stuff in the flap over compartment.
  3. I have the large cross-body one in black. yes it is a little bit of a pain with the chains but not too bad. I keep my wallet and very important stuff in the zippered part, and sunglasses and other stuff in the open part underneath the flap. I bought it worried about ease of use but it is not bad at all
  4. Thanks for the advise and tips... I think I will go check it out in person today and see if hey have the white in stock. I haven't seen the white leather in person yet... I tried the bag in the black, but I have a black solar bag so didn't get it, but the white looks tdf in pictures.
  5. So happy I just got my jimmy choo large biker bag yesterday. Love it. My is grayish color. :smile:

  6. Thanks for the advise...
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    I just got the small crossbody in platinum, which is like a crackled soft leather (or suede?) with brownish undertones. Just saw it and bought it - no research first! I never do that. I wish the pic did the color and texture justice. So yummy and neutral, and lightweight (how this is possible, I don't know). Will have to take my own tomorrow (second photo is the hobo version, but it shows the color better):

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  8. I almost bought the hobo version in that color too it's amazing in person.
    I actually went into the store and fell in LOVE with the Anna bag... Which can also be worn cross body.
    It's the same way I bought my solar bag, walked into jimmy choo looking for something and walking out wanting something else. I had a Saks Gift card so wanted to see if I could purchase there. They didn't have it in the store. So I came home and had time to do research .. I found it on eBay for half the cost.. I had it authenticated on this forum and purchased it .. I will have it wed and I will do a reveal.. But here's a pic of me trying it on in the store it is both on shoulder and cross body (the lighting was all that great) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396958652.901853.jpg

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  9. Love that too!

    I'm now having second doubts about the platinum color... wondering if I should just get black (which they didn't have in the store, so I couldn't ruminate). Do you think the metallic will be hard to keep clean? Ugh! It's so special and different. Don't know what to do!

  10. The reason I didn't get the hobo was the sa at Saks told me it's a delicate deerskin and could scratch or may fade, I have the black solar bag and it's the most durable leather bag I have I absolutely love it.
    But I love the color and texture.. You sound like me with the internal battles... I ask myself when I put it on my shoulder "do I LOVE it" and if the answer is yes the there you have it!! Enjoy it!!!!!

  11. Although the "crackle" in it looks like it would hide a lot and make it pretty durable, no? Funny my SA said the opposite and reminded me of my initial reaction when I tried on the platinum (after suddenly asking about black at the register)... which was pretty "gotta have this!" I don't know! Might have to find the black to compare.

  12. I went to buy the black one last year and when I put it on I didn't say "omg I have to have this" so I think you made the right choice I LOVE the actinium
  13. Some not very great photos - so hard to capture the color and texture of the crackle leather. But I'm wearing grey pants, so you can see the brown/taupey neutral undertones of the "platinum." Whatcha think?

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  14. OMG I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT!! I'm not sure I saw the crackle leather biker in person and it looks great with those pants.. I'd say it's a keeper!!!! Honestly that's how I know wether I'm going to keep a bag or not .. There has only been a few times I've put a bag on randomly at the store and said "omg I have to have it" without doing the proper research prior did that with this bag.. Keep it!!! Looks great on you... I'm jealous I want a biker bag again 🙊
  15. I like the platinum too! I saw it in the hobo at the boutique in SF and almost got it but did not want to pay full price. I ended up with the purple color which I love too. I agree it is so cool looking and surprisingly light weight with all the chains...