Bijoux chain vs Leather chain?

  1. I need some help...I got my white medium classic flap with the bijoux straps today. I love it but was wondering if the one with leather straps is more classic/iconic?

    I'm debating because in the past month I have bought 2 chanel bags, the secret label and the white bijoux. Both are not the true classic flap that I have always coveted. So I'm wondering if in the future I will think they are "too trendy" and regret not getting a classic? Since the bags are expensive and keep increasing in price, I want to be happy!

    Too many choices!!! Too many gorgeous bags!!!:confused1:
  2. I don't find the bijoux chain trendy. :nogood: I actually LOVE the bijoux chain. I already have three jumbos with the leather chain, and I'd love for my next flap to have the bijoux chain. :yes: I think you should keep it.

    If you're really doubting it though, exchange it while you have the time.
  3. when i got my flap i was looking all over for the bijoux chain! it really gives an edge to the bag's look, i love it! you're so lucky to have found one, methinks.
  4. i have a flap in the old chain and a flap in the new chain... i love both! but i think the old chain is more classic, the bijoux chain is more trendy... the white with bijoux chain looks gorgeous though, and its much prettier than the new chain they are bringing out this season IMO!
  5. Actually, i love both chains, currently i do not have a flap with bijoux chain...if i got the chance to find one, i wuld love to own one with that chain. You shld keep it as it's also have the classic look, frankly speaking~~
  6. I think the bijoux chain is just so gorgeous, but the leather chain seemed to fit more securely on my shoulder so that's how my choice was made. I don't find the bijoux trendy and I love its pure silver or gold look.

    Enjoy your gorgeous bag!
  7. I love the bijoux chain and the classic chain. I don't think you can go wrong with either!!!
  8. the 100% metal chains, bijoux and on my UJ flap are enough for me now, no more, they are lovely but as for classic, I don't think so.
  9. i think the bijoux chain is :love::love::love: & i would love to own one ~ so keep it ~ you have a gorgeous bag there!
  10. I think the bijoux chain is lovely.. but it is not as classic as the interwoven leather chain. It is a fun, younger take on the classic and I see many stylish women carry it off very well. Even though I am relatively young and worry that my Chanel bags do not look age appropriate when I carry them, I personally prefer the classic chain. I want my Chanels to be wearable forever. I think I would get sick of the bijoux chain for its trendiness factor.
  11. I agree!:heart:

  12. wow, how many types of chains are there?:confused1: What is the new one that they are bringing out this season?:confused1:
  13. I love Chanel bags but I don't have a classic flap with a classic chain and have no intention to acquire one.

    I love the bijoux chain and in fact the chain is the sole reason I bought the hybrid (with the MM lock) and I love my hybrid. I also love the original 2.55 chain. Not a big fan of interwoven leather chain to be honest, especially if the leather is of a lighter colour. The chain gets dirty very very quickly. However, I love tweed bags and tweed bags have interwoven chains...
  14. You are doubting your choice and when that happens revert to your instincts. Get what you want and there will be no regrets.
  15. oh keep it...Chanel might not have the same 07 bijoux chain again. im dying to have one. it's so pretty with the white flap. u can get the black later on and that would look perfect with the classic chain. but keep that white..if you don't want it you can give to me. hehehehehe just kidding.