Bijou's Little Treasures

  1. Here is my humble little collection of bags (some are not with me anymore :crybaby:). It is nothing compared to a lot of the members on this board.

    1. Bulga Fuchsia Tote
    2. Chanel Cambon Beige Multipocket
    3. Louis Vuitton Cerise Speedy 25
    4. Chanel Small Tote Pink
    5. Balenciaga Chocolate Classique '05
    6. Juicy Couture Daydreamer Tote
    7. Juicy Couture Dog Carrier
    8. extra photo of dog carrier
    9. Juicy Couture Large Leather Satchel in Radiance
    10. Louis Vuitton Trapeze GM
    IMG_0002.jpg DSC00023.JPG DSC00787.JPG DSC00361.JPG IMG_0208.jpg IMG_0216.jpg wsa5if.jpg wsa5h0.jpg juicy bag.jpg DSC00038.JPG
  2. Very nice! great pics! Love your dog carrier :flowers:
  3. I love your Chanels!
  4. Lovely collection bijou!
  5. I've never seen a camel Trapeze... NIIIICE collection. ;)
  6. Very Cute Collection!!
  7. Beautiful collection bijou!! So many lovely colours!
    I :heart: your Chanels!
  8. :nuts: very nice, I like your selection of Juicy bags.
  9. LOVE your beige CHANEL the most!!!:love: Great collection!!!:flowers:
  10. Aww.. that dog carrier must mean little dog as well !

    Lovely collection !
  11. I love the is so...pretty!
  12. Great collection, keep it growing! :P
  13. You've got a lot of great pieces! I love the Trapeze!!
    1. Balenciaga Teal Twiggy 2004
    2. Chanel Cambon Make-up Case
    3. Interior shot of make-up case
    4. Juicy Couture Daydreamer Tote
    5. Balenciaga White Work 2005
    DSC00068.JPG DSC00475.JPG DSC00487.JPG DSC00506.JPG DSCF0018.JPG DSCF0019.JPG DSCF0022.JPG IMG_0211.jpg tag1.JPG tag3.JPG
  14. Hey bijou nice Juicy Large Leather Satchel in Radiance bag. I have the same one. I love this bag although its very heavy.