Biggie Smalls' family files new suit

  1. The family of the late hip-hop artist Biggie Smalls (aka Notorious B.I.G., aka Christopher Wallace) have filed a new wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, according to documents that surfaced on Tuesday (April 17). The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, makes state-related claims and names two ex-police officers as co-defendants. Big's mother, two children, and widow, singer Faith Evans, are suing for unspecified general, compensatory, and punitive damages. The family has been trying to pursue a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city since 2005, claiming that a rogue LAPD detective helped orchestrate the rapper's murder. Biggie was killed in 1997 in Los Angeles. He was the victim of a drive-by shooting while on his way home from an after-party following the 11th Annual Soul Train Awards. The murder remains unsolved.
  2. Interesting. I always heard that this was true. I believe the cop they are referring to was a gang member. Can't remember if he was a crip or blood, but I think they showed a picture of him in a red suit. I think they said he was a blood.

    But the LAPD has been "off the chain" for a long time now. From what I understand so many of the cops are crips or bloods or somehow affiliated with them. Disgusting and scary.