biggest softie ever...

  1. I have 3 labs and 1 cat.

    My one lab, Junior, is the MOST submissive dog you will ever meet. He rolls over on his back and submits to squirrels - he is really the BEST dog ever.

    Well, I managed to catch these pics with my cellphone - they show just how mild-mannered he truly is:


  2. He's so cute and gentle-looking!
  3. He's such a teddy bear and I like your kitty too!
  4. How adorable! Cuddling pets are always cute--cats and dogs together--EXTRA CUTE!!!
  5. That is so cute!! I love labs they look so gentle and cuddly.
  6. awwh snuggly!!
  7. I love shots like that!
  8. Aww, hi Junior and kitty! :heart:
  9. Such cute photos!
  10. He's a cutie pie!
  11. Awww...those pics are so cute.
  12. Aawww! Cute!
  13. What a sweetie!!! I had a black lab growing up that was just like that. *sniff* I miss her
  14. Great pics!! I love the cat's face in the second pic.
  15. Beautiful pics, thanks!